Fashion Column


Chloe Mendoza, Co-Editor in Chief

A message from the columnist:

I am not glamorous by any means. I ought not to be glamorous at seventeen years old, because if I were, what would I look forward to later? In my mind, true glamour is a journey that comes later in life when you really know who you are. For now, I’m simply exploring the avenues that will one day lead to my truest, most fashionable form. And so I’ve crossed paths with many a slightly homely button-up shirt or one strap-too strappy sandal. My style is bold on good days and slightly reminiscent of a tasteful grandma on most (eg. my cardigan collection).

But since minimizing my contact with the outside world while social distancing, my relationship with clothes has drastically changed within the past few months. In March I forwent most of my looks that teetered on the chic(er) side, and instead I adopted a more casual look if you will. By casual I mean consisting of solely sweatpants and t-shirts. 

When Zoom took the world by storm, I began to regain my old appreciation for fashion, and today it’s nearly identical to what it once was pre-pandemic. Today however, I’m even hungrier to watch new trends blossom, to see what my peers are sporting, and to take part in the trend-setting myself. 

Fashion is truly one of the best ways to express oneself and break down barriers. It can be inspired by anything and executed by anyone. There are no limitations. That’s why I want to continue to spotlight the innovative, debonair students of Selma High School in the Fashion Column!


Clean and Classic- Exodus Rodriguez 

Favorite Fashion Trend ATM: Cargo Pants 

Our favorite artists are often our greatest inspirations. This is true for junior Exodus Rodriguez. Rodriguez finds inspiration in bold artists like Tyler the Creator and embraces the artist’s innovative looks by creating his own outfits with those in mind. Pictured above, Rodriguez sports a crisp, white Mac Miller graphic t-shirt and forgoes classic jeans for a pair of marble-colored chinos. Gold-clad, his cross and earring create a strong, clean impression and compliments his stark shirt. Lastly, Rodriguez’s black belt perfectly suits the pair of Nike Blazers that sheathe his feet to color coordinated effect. Gold accents flatter Rodrguez’s white staple items and create a classic, versatile outfit. 

“To me fashion means being able to express yourself however you want. The possibilities are endless.”  


Street Wear Casual- Ashneet Gill

Favorite Trend ATM: Bucket Hats 

Senior Ashneet Gill (pictured above) follows edgy, worldly street wear and incorporates some of her favorite trends into her everyday style. One of her fashion inspirations is Emma Chamberlain. Gill dons a 1987 classic film— Dirty Dancing— white graphic t-shirt. She compliments this oversized shirt with own her own hand-cut, ripped straight leg mens’ jeans. Shod in Lightbulb Air Jordan 1s, Gill grips a power pink Gucci clutch that highlights the hints of pink in her outfit. Crowned by a muted pastel, tie dyed Playboy bucket hat, Gill adorns her wrist with a delicate gold charm bracelet as the final touch to top off her look that qualifies as worthy of any contemporary boulevard. 

“Fashion is a fun way to express my mood and personality,” expressed Gill.