Individualism in Style


Sonia Pacheco, Reporter

What do you consider to be fashionable or stylish? This is a question whose answer varies depending on the person that is being asked the question. However, this is not to say that it is a negative thing, but rather something that portrays the grand importance of fashion, and the self-expression that it offers to people.
One of the great examples of our time is the recent dispute that exists among people, especially on social mediaーskinny jeans versus baggy jeans. Whilst some believe that one is better than the other, there will always be an existing division amongst them. Differences are bound to happen in the fashion scene because it ties in to who we are as people. Style relies on one’s opinion regardless of whether or not they were influenced by a trend since preference is still counted as an opinion.
What one person may consider to be stylish, another may not agree. This reflects the individuality that is held within somebody’s style based on what their likings are. Hence, why there are so many trends that exist, allowing people to pick and choose what they deem acceptable in their perspectives.
The clothing that we wear expresses who we are, and what we want to be because it was chosen by none other than ourselves. Some styles that are more popular currently are preppy, vintage, gothic, dark academia, cottagecore, and my personal favorite, streetwear. These are only a few of the many that people tend to take interest in, and also embed into their day to day outfits.
At times you may see yourself looking at the outfit of another person, whether it be online or in person, and take a liking to it. You may even find yourself even wanting to try out that style on yourself and see how you like it. This is what makes fashion special, you are allowed to experiment with clothes how you want, and with whatever makes you comfortable. If you do not like a style on yourself after all, do not get discouraged because there are plenty more out there that are waiting for you to try out.
Unfortunately within society, there is always judgment. It has always existed and is capable of influencing the choices people make for themselves. Whether it be prejudice, assumptions, or dislikes, the strength of it can be powerful. However, when you truly learn to live and do things for yourself, the negative opinions of others are muted by your self assurance. This plays a big part in fashion because confidence is what drives you to try out new things. The priority isn’t to always try out new things, because if you have the style that you love and suits you, there is no pressure to have to change anything. However, an important thing is to have the ability to dress in a different kind of way if you wish to do so. Feeling restrained due to words from others shouldn’t be your biggest priority because the way you dress expresses who you are, and nobody else.
Fashion is one of the most influential ways that represent a person in whatever way one chooses to do so. Regardless of what the goal or purpose is, it is important to know that there is always a possibility to experiment as much as you like. The development of fashion continues to expand and it is there for everyone to acknowledge and perhaps even try out some day.