Friendly Fashion


Alyssa shows off her outfit.

Donna Rubio, Reporter

The vintage style of clothing has been trending for some time now. Bringing pieces from the past to our present, we put together outfits that give a vintage vibe. We combine elements that have a story, along with newer designs that will create a history of their own. But more than the vintage feel that we show through our fashion, we are also able to express friendliness and who we are. A friendly outfit portrays an easy-going energy to those who might try to approach us. These vintage pieces not only allow us to show our love for fashion, but our love for the planet. By giving these items a second chance and expanding their lifetime, we are engaging in actions that are environmentally friendly and presenting this message through a style that can be described as friendly fashion. 

Alyssa Vasquez: Vintage Style

Through social media platforms such as TikTok, sophomore Alyssa Vasquez was inspired to visit thrift stores and collect some of the pieces that are now found in her wardrobe. Alyssa chooses clothing items to project her personality. Her newfound style derives from TikTok users who have inspired her to shop at thrift stores and add to her style. 

“The thing I want to express with clothes is a warm energy. I want to look like people can come up and talk to me,” stated Vasquez.

Here, Vasquez styled an aerospace orange shirt over a white shirt, both from H&M, Levi’s jeans, knitted socks, and a pair of Dr. Martens sandals. She creates a trendy outfit with these items.

She adds an extra touch with a thrifted creme Abercrombie & Fitch cardigan. Alyssa creates a peaceful coexistence between a vintage item and newer clothing. She perfectly expresses approachability with her choice of style. 

Andrew Montemayor: Freedom of Style

Sophomore Andrew Montmayor described his style as a style that changes constantly. He considers his sister to be his biggest fashion influence.

“My sister, she is part of my fashion sense. She helped me grow as a person, so she’s been my biggest influence. I like to express my openness and to show who I am as a person,” expressed Montemayor.

Andrew’s go-to stores are H&M and thrift stores. Andrew sports a black turtleneck, plaid gray pants,  white high top Converse, and he complimented this outfit with a black gatsby cap. Montemayor tied together his outfit with a black bomber jacket that he acquired from a thrift store. With this Andrew strikes a perfect balance between the ability to express who he is while showing the versatility of fashion and being a great example of how you can find inspiration from the right person.