Fashion Column


Abigail Baker and Nico Colado

Abigail Baker

As the weather begins to heat up and summer days are in our near future, I constantly find myself wearing oversized t-shirts. Not only are oversized tees a great option for the hot weather conditions, but they are also a great option during winter when paired with a long sleeve underneath or dressed with a sweater.

An upside to wearing oversized tees would be how universal they are, as well as, the ease of matching and pairing different outfits with them. My inspiration is based mainly on street style or more of a vintage/80’s vibe. Having a huge passion for style and fashion is what motivates me to try unique looks. An outfit can also change my perspective and attitude for the day. If I discover a new trend and try to create that look, I find it makes my day more positive and uplifting. It’s crazy how much an outfit can affect your daily life. 

My “go to” option on any day would be a graphic oversized t-shirt. In this picture, I’m wearing a Travis Scott Astroworld graphic shirt that says, “Put On A Happy Face,” followed by a huge smiley face animation printed on the back. Not only do I like the fit and style to this shirt, but I enjoy the message written on it as well.

I chose to pair this shirt with black biker shorts in order to stay cool on a day that reached almost 90 degrees. Overall, I try to stay comfortable with my outfits which is why I chose to wear these biker shorts instead of jean shorts. Unfortunately, this year’s dress code has and will continue to restrict my true style, but I still find joy in putting together my outfits every morning to express my personality. Dressing isn’t just about looking nice. To me, it’s about showing a part of my life that I truly enjoy, as well as being one of my hobbies.

Nico Colado

Changes in season not only affect the daily weather, but our outfits as well. With summer coming in quickly, shorts and other summer clothing are ready to be finally worn. My ideal outfits always consist of a nice graphic t-shirt, supported by a nice pair of shorts or pants. Graphic tees are great pieces to build outfits around, they can be your loud and outgoing piece, or that final touch needed to complete your outfit. In this outfit, I wore a graphic t-shirt I thrifted not too long ago. It’s one of my favorite pieces and matches a lot of my clothes. Following that, bottom pieces can be easier to style with. If you’re not catching me in some shorts, which I literally wear almost everyday, I’m wearing some of my favorite pants. Here I wore a pair of brown cargo pants that fit the vintage/streetwear theme I was going for. I added a Yankees fitted hat that the pants complement perfectly and threw on some Jordan 4’s to finish off the fit.

When choosing an outfit, I always consider comfortability and quality. Although I usually have a daily style, my fashion ideas and interests constantly change and improve greatly.