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Alexis Ramos

Victoria Quintana, Kaleidoscope Editor

Victoria Quintana


It’s nearly summer, and you know it’s graduation season once the days start switching from scorching heat to “knock-you-over” wind. I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes I feel trapped by stiff jeans and uncomfortable shoes, so this makes me look for pieces that are more breathable and stretchy. 

For this outfit, I paired a velvet burgundy bodysuit with a neutral short sleeve button down shirt and high waisted baggy jeans. Pairing a tank with a button down or a sweater is my favorite go-to for that “in between spring and summer” weather because it’s versatile. You can stay cool outside with the tank top, but the button down provides a bit of warmth if you get chilly inside (I always do). I also love this bodysuit, maybe because I’ve spent like half my life in a dance leotard, but it’s so comfortable and the stretchy material blends perfectly with the velvet texture. It also gives the outfit a nice pop of color which is something that I try to do with most of my outfits. 

Baggy jeans used to be out of my comfort zone, but recently I’ve been trying to step out and experiment with new pieces to develop my style. These jeans are very roomy and non-confining, so you won’t get sticky or sweaty on a hot day.

Not going to lie, the white Fila shoes are actually my sister’s, but I always borrow them because they’re so comfy it feels like I’m walking on clouds.

For accessories, I am wearing small gold hoops with a gold chain choker and some golden rings to add extra detail to the outfit. 

You can’t forget about the hair! To top off the look, I pulled mine up into a messy bun.


Alexis Ramos


Alexis is dressed in a black tank top with a white cardigan, green pants that were thrifted, and black Doc Marten platforms.

Her inspiration for the outfit revolved around her green jeans. They have metal detailing around the pocket, down the sides, a tie on the right leg, and a moon keychain on the bottom left.
“I like the way it [the keychain] sounds,” Ramos commented with a laugh.

She also added personal touches with the accessories like a cross ring, a ring that used to be her great-grandmother’s, and self-made bracelets.

Alexis describes her style as diverse as she will wear dark clothing, skirts and grungy shoes, or even very colorful outfits.

She also added that her style has greatly evolved in the last few years.

“When I was younger, I really wanted to fit in, and that’s why I would wear name-brand clothing,” Ramos shared. “I’ve learned that having name-brand clothing doesn’t give you fashion.”

She feels that being put together with a nice outfit sets your mood for the day and that it doesn’t matter if other people think that you are being too much for school.

“I’ve grown to realize that I have to wear what makes me feel good and not what other people portray as cute outfits.”

Many people want to fit in with the things they wear to school, but sometimes this doesn’t allow room for individual style. Alexis encourages others to dress in a way that is a reflection of their individuality, regardless of if others think it’s out of style or odd.

“Through your outfits, wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself and what’s an expression of who you are, and don’t worry about what other people think about the things you wear,” Ramos expressed.