Fashion Column: A Call To Dress For Yourself


Sakshi Palav and Diana Garza



Society tends to judge and criticize feminine indulgences, deeming them as lowly or even superficial. I’ve often found myself straying away from certain clothing items because misogyny told me fashion was a shallow, bimbo-like enterprise. However, I’ve come to realize that my confidence should not rely on society’s impediments.

I chose a plaid pleated skirt, with warm neutral tones, complimented by a black knitted sweater. The skirt’s cotton fabric is given dimension with the sweater’s thicker texture. A ribbed, white turtleneck is found beneath my outer layer. Turtlenecks are a great way to stay warm while simultaneously adding depth to an outfit. 

As for shoes, my black Doc’s follow the general rule of thumb: shoes should match your top. A warm toned scrunchie lays on my wrist, adding another pop of brown. As for jewelry, a simple gold necklace rests brightly against the sweater’s dark exterior, a pair of gold hoops finishing the look.

Although quite simple, this outfit used to be out of my comfort zone. This small step toward the reclamation of fashion is a push toward my confidence in my identity. I will not make myself or my femininity small for the sake of conforming to the comfort of the masses. 




There is a certain level of femininity attached to tighter pieces of clothing. A certain idea of form fitting clothes, with respect to how they show off a woman’s curves, is  expected to be worn by women in order to prove their femininity and validity as female figures. Keeping this in mind, I used to always try my hardest to fit into this gender norm box where I would either go for a form fitting top and baggier pants or a loose fitting shirt along with my skinny jeans, OR just directly tight shirt, tight bottoms. I always followed this pattern, intentionally, in order to ensure that others would not see me and question my validity as a woman. 

However, as I have grown to see the reality behind gender and social norms, I have begun to dress for myself and no other set of eyes. I wear what I like, what I feel comfortable in, and what I feel feminine in, NOT based on how I want others to perceive me. 

There are days I dress to accentuate my curves. There are days where I dress to style pieces I have been waiting to wear. There are days I just want to be comfortable. 

Whatever day it might be, regardless of tight or loose clothing, my femininity is valid. 

Loose on loose clothing has always been out of bounds for me, but this fall I am dressing for myself, and myself only. So, to dang with what gender norms exclaim. My outfit of this simple pair of light wash dad jeans and an oversized crewneck is warm, comfy, and feminine all at the same time. 

Outfits where I’m a shapeless figure are just as feminine as outfits where my curves are hugged because I, as a person, give my aura the tag of feminine or masculine, not the clothes on my back. 

I refuse to let my style be dictated by societal  expectations, and I hope each and every one of you can allow yourselves the same freedom this fall and onward.