Fashion Column

The Art of Decption and Fashion As We Strive

Avnique Gill

Dayanara Yepez Ramirez

Fashion has been something that’s always intrigued me. In a more proper manner, one could describe it as an obsession; I spend countless hours everyday thinking about clothes, accessories, or whatever it may be. While many people see it as a tool of self-expression, I come at it from a very different angle. Rather, I have come to use it as an instrument for self-distortment.
In a world where we hold the critiques and opinions of others so high above us, fashion can be used as a tool for deceit. Not only can it be utilized to present yourself, but it can also be used to present what you want to be like. As humans we tend to cling to the feeling of understanding, and so if you present people with a visual representation of what you want to be, more likely than not, they’ll believe you.
As much as people hate to admit it, judgment, impressions, and biases are natural human behaviors. Rather than shunning the idea away, one can make use of it with sufficient understanding. Evidently, one of the ways in which this is applicable is fashion. People may not even realize it, but they use fashion as deceit innately. A simple glance at how many people buy name brands, just because they are name brands proves so. However, this simple, and more oftenly futile, deceit is not what I’m speaking of here. There exist many different ways in which fashion can be used towards this purpose.
The use of colors is a primal one. Specifically the emotions people connect to colors can make them perceive you a certain way. Wearing the color yellow can make you seem more vibrant, while wearing white can make you seem more professional and self-assured. The different types of hair styles send different messages to people. For instance, a tight ponytail or braid seems more organized and put together. While, a messy bun can give off the impression of one being chill and laid-back. Even the chosen accessories add meaning to the outfit. Wearing a colored beaded necklace will make you seem more fun and outgoing, while wearing a simple gold necklace will make you seem elegant.
Ultimately, dress up is exactly that: dress up. New clothes, new personality, new persona. The so-called simple choosing of an outfit is actually so much more than that. Through a course of action, you can actually alter people’s perceptions of you, and become who you want to be.

Yarektzy Navarro

Fashion is changing all over the world, even in our school, Selma High School. Mom jeans, baggy 90s pants, and even retro clothing is coming back to style slowly as the years go by. Fashion is seen everywhere these days; once a new trend comes into the picture everyone decides it’s time to copy that style.
Clothing is a very important part of growing up as a person, it’s a way you can express your internal thoughts in a fun way. With our new styles coming in, this particular student has a very unique and admirable style that they prefer to use.
Avnique Gill, 15, from Selma High, is a student that has her own kind of style .
Gill’s way of dressing herself comes from her mood at the start of the day. Whether she is tired or in a more uplifted mood, she choses a fitting outfit based on her emotions. She gets inspiration from her older sibling.
“The way I start my day is what inspires me to dress the way I do because if I start in a bad mood the way I dress would be more simple than my usual outfits,” she explains.
“My older sister Ashneet inspires me to dress the way I do, since I take a lot from her closet without her knowing,” Gill continues.
Nowadays, trends are the reason everyone dresses the way they do. We either see someone famous using a certain outfit, or either a different way of using a particular clothing style.We see this in Gill’s styles as she expresses,
“I do follow a lot of trends especially when it comes to the shoes I wear. I get a lot of those from trends and celebrities are who I follow when it comes to fashion. I’m always open minded to new trends to enhance my wardrobe,” elucidates Gill.
All wardrobes are dominated by a certain color. Gill’s wardrobe is mostly dominated by black, yet it depends on her appearance. She uses colors that compliment her skin since certain clothing makes one’s skin tone unpleasant.
“Although my overall wardrobe is dominated by black, the colors that I have go really well with black it helps the colors pop in my outfits. Also certain colors are to complement my overall appearance and how they go with my skin tone,” she explains.
There are certain seasons in which people find it easier to dress. However, Gill is unique in the sense that she doesn’t like a single specific season; she actually prefers a mix of two seasons.
“The season I prefer is not a season, it’s more in between winter and spring.” Gill says. “I say this because I’m not one to like cold weather. However, when it’s warm I have a lot of clothes that can complement that type of weather, and break colors in the season overall really compliment my color, period.’’
As the decades pass, many fashion trends are left behind. Many new generations look back at the past fashion styles. If Gill, although born in the 2000s, was able to back an era to go back to she would definitely dress up as if she was from the 80s and 90s.
“Definitely 80s. I’m obsessed with the 90s the big bright colors, the big and poofy hair, I just love how free they look and the bright colors,” she continues. “I love the freeness that they have and they way they can actually express themselves through colors I feel like the bright colors I get from them.”
Although fashion doesn’t seem to be a very important thing in one’s life, it really is. It’s a way for someone to express themselves. It’s a way for them to explore themselves as well. Gill as well has her own opinion whether it’s an important factor when it comes to growing up.
“Fashion is a very important part of growing up because when you’re little, your mom dresses you, but as you grow up you do that yourself and as you progress further in your life you start to get your own style away from others,” Gill said.