Winter Fashion: Staying True to YOU

Chloe Mendoza, Co-Editor in Chief

“Street Wear Meets Work Wear“: Andrew Flores

On the streets of big cities, fashion runs wild and streetwear inspires trends across the globe. Meet Andrew Flores, one of December’s featured trendsetters. Andrew takes his inspiration from the looks of various influencers such as Tyler the Creator or Pharell Williams. In this picture Andrew dons a white-collared red and black polo. Atop his polo lays a sand colored Ben Sherman Arial jacket, mixing patterns with patches. To emphasize the natural hues and add more texture to his look, he also chose a pair of mahogany-colored corduroy pants. Lastly, Andrew styles a classic pair of Chuck Taylor 70 Converse. To Andrew, fashion coincides with his daily mood, and allows him to be whoever he wants. 

“What I like about fashion is the expression and freedom you have when dressing the way YOU want,” said Flores.


“Holiday Chic”: Yolanda Gonzalez 

December welcomes a time of love, joy, and family. December also brings up the question of what to wear during the holidays! This month’s featured fashionista is Yolanda Gonzalez. To answer this question, Yolanda gave her take on a holiday look. In this picture Yolanda rocks an outfit perfect for any holiday event (snowboarding not included)! A cream mock neck sweater sets the tone for Yolanda’s sharp outfit. Feeling festive but want to stay warm? A mock neck sweater is just the way to go. To compliment this sweater, Yolanda chose a pair of medium-wash, distressed jeans that crop just above the ankles. The holes in her pants spice up the textures just enough to keep things exciting. Finally, Yolanda styles a pair of mauve-gray pointed flats, adding a hint of flair to the mix. 

“Social Media, my mom, and brother have really encouraged me to not care what people will say as long as I like it and think it looks good, that’s all that matters,” said Gonzalez.