Quarantine Fashion

Chloe Mendoza, Co-Editor in Chief

To my fellow fashion-enthusiasts,


These times are unprecedented. While our communities continue to take precautions and protect the health of the public, the effects are felt across the board. As students we undoubtedly feel the effects on the quality of our education, mental health, and home situations.   Passing the days during the school shutdown may often seem like a repeating loop of days. During these times it’s crucial that we find something meaningful that soothes our minds and

makes the days pass a bit more easily. 

Fashion has always been a special part of my life, something that inspires expression and creates endless possibilities. While our possibilities seem a bit limited these days, I encourage my peers to continue pursuing their passions (albeit cautiously and six feet apart) and find that thing that inspires and awakens their inner artist.

During the school shut-down I will be accepting any and all “Quarantine Outfit” submissions that represent the diversity and spirit of Selma High School. Outfits will be accompanied by a positive message from the creator.  

Stay safe Selma Bears!


Your faithful fashion editor, 

Chloe Mendoza 


Versatile Mania: Bella Porras 

During these strange times, getting dressed in the morning (or when I wake in the afternoon haha) has been helpful for setting myself up with a routine.  Even if no one sees, I want to be comfortable with myself and I practice that through how I dress . I try to choose what I wear by asking myself the questions,”Who am I and who do I want to be today?” Throughout quarantine I’ve been trying to keep busy with things that make me feel normal, like writing, hanging out with my sister, homework, and making art!

-Bella Porras 

Soft Grunge: Gopy Kaur

I love fashion because I can express my personality in different, aesthetically pleasing ways. You can see a lot about a person by the way they dress. During this quarantine I’ve been reading books, procrastinating, and listening to lots of different types of music.

– Gopy Kaur

Essential and Eyecatching: AJ Montijo

Some fashion is pretty dope. We gotta wear clothes, so might as well make them look nice right? I’ve been trying to stay busy and lazy at the same time, but to the point where my brain doesn’t eat itself. 

-AJ Montijo

Spring Time Chic: Brandi Aguilera

I love getting to express myself creatively and personally through my fashion. I feel like my personality really shines through most of my outfits. I have a soft, girly-girl sense of style, inspired by characters in my favorite movies; Mean Girls and Clueless. During school shut down, I’ve been using my free time to practice the skills I love – arts and crafts. I’ve been painting, sewing, beading, and journaling. I’ve also read a couple really good books and watched some good movies.

-Brandi Aguilera

Dynamic Fresh: Rita Perez

I love expressing myself through fashion I love the confidence and that feeling when you’re wearing that new fit 🙂 & since the beginning of quarantine I’ve been watching Tiktoks non stop while procrastinating

-Rita Perez

Soft and Stunning: Jasmine Lozano

I love that fashion gives us an outlet for expression that can be so quiet yet so loud. During this quarantine I’ve been trying to keep up with my school work as well as completing old tasks that I’ve always left for “tomorrow.” I’ve also been doing quite a few DIY projects!

-Jasmine Lozano