March Fashion: Youth Inspired

Chloe Mendoza, Co-Editor in Chief

Youthful and Modern: Jake Harris

The youth of the modern age have proven to be an enormous influence on popular culture, and along with it, modern fashion. One of March’s spotlighted fashion aficionados is senior Jake Harris. Jake believes in the importance of individuality and self expression.

In this scene Jake styles a classic deep camouflage Independent brand shirt. He adds some dimensions to his look by donning a pair of creamy gray cargo pants. Purposeful and convenient, the pockets in Jake’s pants create a look with depth. This outfit is complimented by a clean pair of white Nike Air Force 1’s. These shoes, versatile and fashionable, are the perfect staple in any Sneaker Head’s collection.

Through fashion, Jake believes there are limitless possibilities. So look around, its possible that we have already been given a sneak peak to the fashion trends of tomorrow! 

“Fashion has an effect that can change the way you and others see yourself,” said Jake. “It’s another identity to me and can bring out a type of confidence that you didn’t know you had. My style can be described as very personal, unique, coordinated, youthful, and modern. It’s always important to dress for yourself and not based on other’s opinions.” 

Inspired and Intentional: America Loya

Our friends are often our greatest sources of inspiration. With the help of our friends, we can discover things we never thought possible alone. This is true for March’s fashionista, senior America Loya.

In this setting, America rocks a taupe cotton tee and matches it with a pair of fitted olive cargo pants. Cargo pants can take a look from plain to contemporary like zero to one hundred. This combination of hues creates a look with simple color coordination, but infinite possibilities. Keeping it classic, America matches this look with a pair of white Nike Air Force 1’s, a 1982 basketball shoe whose popularity has recently resurfaced among the youth of today. 

This trend goes to prove that fashion never dies, and trends always recirculate back into popularity. America believes that by trusting one’s instincts, one is able to become the best version of herself. By trusting herself and the guidance of her friends, America was able to find a place in the world of fashion.

“The person who inspires my outfits is my best friend, Jake,” said America. “He has a passion for fashion that encouraged me to follow his footsteps into the fashion world. We both like minimalist outfits, and I am a girl that doesn’t really like super feminine outfits that come along with it. Fashion is a way of saying who you are without speaking.”