Dive Deep with Selma High


Sophomore Nina Valdez dives into the water at a meet against Kerman and Fowler.

Masielle Pantoja, Reporter/Social Media Editor

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…says Dory in Finding Nemo and that’s exactly what the swim team is going to do. The Selma High swim team is starting strong so far in the season with only three meets in. As a matter of fact their next meet is on March sixteenth against Hanford West and Immanuel at Hanford West High. All eager participants are excited to achieve their individual goals with their team by their side, as well as a hardworking coach who motivates them along the way.

“We’ve already got four kids make the automatic qualifying time for valley,” stated Coach Wood. It just shows the amount of talented individuals Coach Wood has. He illuminates on how dedicated and diligent every single swimmer is. All of them have the desire to succeed and do well individually with the help of Coach Wood’s training philosophy.

“I do an easy week, then a medium week, then a hard week,” Coach Wood explained.

This coincides with what the swimmers believe will help them reach their goals, just like sophomore Nina Valdez.

“I know if I work hard during practice, I’m setting myself up for success at the meet,” expressed Valdez.

Long time swimmers like sophomore, Natalee Mares, who has been swimming for ten years, senior Brian Rios who has been swimming for about four years, and even junior Makaira Chavez who has been swimming since she was just three years old all have the motivation to surpass their swim times and make themselves proud of their accomplishments. 

“There’s never one day where I’m not in the water,” noted junior Makaira Chavez.

There’s also never a dull moment with this group of swimmers. Not only do they make eachother laugh and smile, but they also push one another to do better and strive for success.

“The thing I like about my team is we are competitive, so we are always striving to help one another succeed,” expressed Rios. You can see this when sitting on the bleachers at each meet. When the swimmers are competing, you can see and hear their teammates roaring with encouraging words. They’ll say “go, go, go” and “you got this.” They really do push themselves and each other.  

“It’s fun because we’ve known each other most of our lives and it’s kind of like a little family,” explained Chavez.

They all get to gradually become better swimmers with the bonus of winning together.

“Winning is important for the fact that it builds confidence in the team,” voiced Coach Wood.

Even though swimming is more of an individual sport, Coach Wood believes that if each of them improve independently, the whole team will do well. He also has many goals for himself as a coach.

“My goal is to make the kids better swimmers, and give them good memories they can look back on and be proud,” Coach Wood expressed.

As the swim season continues, Coach Wood and the team hope for a successful time as they dive into new competition.