The Sun Sets On Class Of 2022


Contributed by Esther Longinos

Seniors huddle together to take a picture.

Jacqueline Martinez, Reporter

On May 19th, Selma High held its annual event of Senior Sunset in which seniors were able to come and watch the sky turn into an array of beautiful, warm colors and see the sun settle down the horizon. It’s usually tradition for seniors to watch the sunrise and the sunset as a way to symbolize the staple moments of their last year here at Selma High, such as the beginning and the end.

Ms.Loving and Mr.Pallesi helped organize the small event and had a taco truck selling tacos with horchata and lemonade. It was quite pricey some would say, but a line still formed for the two for five dollar tacos. 

Many of the seniors gathered into small groups with their friends all sprawled out onto the practice field. Unlike senior sunrise, seniors weren’t able to gaze upon the sky in the Staley Stadium. 

“We were unable to use the football field due to it getting a make-over so it would like nice for graduation,” commented Ms.Loving. 

The change in setting didn’t affect the enjoyment for the seniors though. They were able to make the most of it, chatting and laughing along with friends, or even playing volleyball soccer. 

“I loved the atmosphere and how everyone was all enjoying themselves,” senior Esteban Lopez emphasized. 

Having this event gave the seniors the chance to be able to unwind for an afternoon with friends after a hectic year of stressing about colleges, scholarships, stacks of what felt like endless homework, and AP exams. Not just that, Senior Sunset gave them the opportunity for students to feel a better feel of normalcy after being stuck in quarantine for nearly two years. Getting through such a difficult period of time calls for a small moment of celebration and relaxation before they’re thrust into a new chapter of our lives.

“I feel accomplished but the job isn’t done,” mentioned Lopez. “Life takes turns, and we need to be prepared for every obstacle that comes our way.”

With graduation in less than a month, this event marked one of the final memories class of 2022 will be able to look back to in their future.