Seniors win Powder Puff 2022


Seniors take the win!

Nico Colado, Reporter

This year’s Selma High Powder Puff event wasn’t your average football game. With the final score being 18-0, the seniors were able to come up victorious. Intense rivalry, spectacular highlights, and student involvement were only a few of the exceptional qualities of this year’s game. After a prolonged two years of stagnant social gatherings, powder puff made its comeback stronger than ever.

This year the women of Selma High’s senior and junior class competed in an enjoyable and competitive game of football. It included standard flag football rules, entertaining commentary, and a showcase of skills. However, powder puff wasn’t trouble-free. 

“We weren’t prepared at all. We had one practice and only four girls showed up,” stated senior Mia Harris. 

Harris competed as the senior team’s wide receiver and quarterback. With a great performance including two touchdowns and a pick six, Harris was left with joy and great memories. 

Every team needs a coach, and fortunately senior Domanic Quintana was there to help. Coaching dedication, and passion brought everything together for the senior team.

“We just stayed dedicated. At first we didn’t have enough players but we stayed focused and tried our best,” Quintana explained.“We wanted to beat the juniors since there was a lot of smack talking involved and we did just that.”

An outstanding performer of this year’s event was junior Gaby Zapata. Bringing the effort and gaining many yards for the junior team, Zapata’s skills were shown and appreciated.

“The reason I participated in this event is because I like football a lot. It’s just a fun thing to do, to participate in school activities,” Zapata said. “It’s a fun game of football and it was an amazing experience.”

The junior team did not only have great athletes, but coaches as well. With juniors Danny Ramirez and Chris Callares helping on the sidelines, the juniors were able to learn and strategize.

“We had three practices. We ran a lot of 1v1 drills. We knew coming into this game it was going to be physical so we tried to prepare for that as much as we can. Coaching is always fun but it can be a little stressful,” Ramirez shared.  

Why is Powder Puff unique? It is an event that supports and focuses on a full female roster. The women of Selma High are given the opportunity to showcase their football skills and enjoy a moment with fellow classmates. Powder puff is an annual event, and participants of this year recommend incoming upperclassmen to get involved.

“Join! I really recommend it. It’s competitive and really fun and that’s what it is really all about,” 

Ramirez passionately stated.