Another Selma High Talent Show to Remember


Victoria Quintana

Juniors Mariana Quezada and Angela Fabian Chavez performing their dance at the talent show.

Victoria Quintana, Kaleidoscope Editor

Selma High had their annual talent show on Friday March 25th. Students gathered in the quad during lunch to watch and support their peers as they showed off their skills.

There were four performances: Michael Casarez playing the piano, Jacob Sifuentes playing the guitar, Mariana Quezada and Angela Fabian Chavez dancing, and Brayden Brum singing/doing a skit.

In order to present a quality performance, each student put a lot of preparation into their act.

“My friend and I took two weeks to choreograph our dance,” shared junior Angela Fabian.

Fabian and Quezada’s dance was something that they had been practicing for a while. It was a dance from the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, and their tan costumes with white details and bright red shoes reflected the characteristics of that culture.

“It was a pretty fun thing to be able to represent our culture by presenting a dance,” stated Fabian.

Everyone has unique talents, but showcasing them before your peers takes a lot of courage. Three out of the four acts were given by freshmen, which highlighted their confidence as underclassmen.

“[I] Tried not to overthink it and tried not to be super nervous about it, which I think worked pretty well,” said Jacob Sifuentes. 

Not to mention the fact that he kept his cool while Mr. Wisely had to hold the microphone for him after a mishap with the mic stand. He shared that he had only been playing the guitar for one year, and that he wanted to put himself out there by performing.

Brayden Brum’s talent show experience was a little different than the other performers. He performed a comedic skit of Tyler The Creator’s “EARFQUAKE” in which he wore a light blue suit and a blonde wig, just like in Tyler’s music video. 

“I knew I was going to do it the day of the auditions cause someone wanted me to do it, so I tried out for it without preparing at all,” Brum explained. “Then I kind of put it off for two weeks, and then it was like a week before… so I just had to practice everyday.”

The audience seemed to enjoy it as well as there were laughs and cheers as Brum impersonated Tyler’s vocals and dance moves. 

Some of the students want to continue developing their talents and even want to pursue them after high school.

“Once I get out of high school, I’m planning on joining a Mexican dance academy in Fresno,” shared Fabian.

This year’s talent show was a success as all of the performances were well received and enjoyed by the students.