Selma High’s Best


Palak Tohan, Co-Editor in Chief/Co-Sports Editor

The annual Top 25 Dinner at Selma High took place on Monday, April 25. This is an event held to commemorate the hardworking graduating class’ students with the highest GPA. 

The opening ceremony was led by Mrs. Vazquez, the 2022 class counselor where she introduced and acknowledged the obstacles the students overcame to receive this award. The event started at 6:30 pm and lasted through 9 pm. 

Mr. Pallesi, along with his leadership class and Ms. Loving, supplied the food, beginning at 7:30. The cuisine included tri-tip steak, rice, ravioli, and a side of vegetables. 

Each student chose a teacher to introduce them at the ceremony. Teachers can choose to introduce the student to what they plan for their further education, or either go the extra mile to write something up about memorable moments with the student.

Mrs. Sultenfuss, who introduced Karen Lopez and Emily Leanos, expressed how she feels hope for her past students, knowing that they have success stored in their futures. 

A common aspiring moment for our seniors was the simple satisfaction of seeing straight A’s across all transcripts. 

“My proudest moment would be having my dad at the Top 25 Banquet. Allowing him to see that our dreams are coming to reality,” exclaimed Esteban Lopez.

Being part of the Top 25 is not an easy task. There were times of struggles for these students, especially coming back from virtual learning. Lots of students were eager yet confused as to how to essentially become learners again, as it is a very different experience from distance learning. 

Rosselyn Machado Sanchez revealed how there was a continuous struggle behind balancing personal time and school. 

“You just have to find the balance of not burning yourself out; mental health days are an essential,” Sanchez emphasized strongly.
Esteban Lopez and Cesar Rocha had similar views on maintaining their work ethics, as they are both student-athletes and have jobs. The hardest part of maintaining the GPAs they had was balancing a utopian education along with sports and personal life. It’s understood that these students have priorities that they realize will help them work towards their bigger goals. 


  1. Diana Garza
  2. Rosselyn Machado Sanchez
  3. Harman Kaur
  4. Jorge Guzman
  5. Sakshi Palav
  6. Victoria Quintana
  7. Andrew Rodriguez
  8. Cesar Rocha 
  9. Alexa Alvarado
  10. Sidhant Shiv
  11. Leslie Rangel Ramirez
  12. Isabel Vazquez Gonzalez
  13. Allyson Hamm
  14. Kayme Moreno
  15. Yaire Pacheco
  16. Adrian Calixtro
  17. Jacqueline Martinez
  18. Anna Marquez Bravo
  19. Ireri Mares Andrade
  20. Lyla Tapia
  21. Brooke Machado
  22. Denise Venegas
  23. Esteban Lopez
  24. Crystal Tirado
  25. Emily Leanos
  26. Karen Lopez