Swim Races Towards Valley


Photos contributed by the swim team.

Masielle Pantoja and Palak Tohan

As the Selma High swim team reaches the closing of the season, there’s only one more thing left to accomplish: Valley Championships. They’ve worked hard all year to reach their goals toward Valley and on May sixth and seventh they did just that. The swim team competed with nearly eighty-five schools in Division two. Every member of the team placed in the top sixteen, which proudly represented Selma High.

The accumulation of practices to reach this point in the season was huge.They practiced during winter break, regularly practiced Monday through Friday, swam when there was no school, and even swam over spring break. All of this time and effort has brought them to the success they were able to achieve. 

Coach Wood couldn’t be more proud of this accomplishment for Selma High. His hard work and the team’s ability to work as one, truly paid off. He expressed that one of the most exciting parts of this year was, “seeing the kids perform their best and watching how fast some of these kids are.” Moreover, he explained all the amazing things about swimming, giving an example of how high schoolers can become olympic champions or world record holders. It just shows the continuity of the sport and why he himself and his team work so hard. It establishes a history of dedication and hard work from each member of the swim team and how they will continue to use this as a learning experience.

Competitors also expressed their excitement for this year’s Valley Championships. This year’s seniors are more than happy to end their high school swim experience this way, as well as carry it onto future life events.

“Being at Valley was an awesome experience. Being able to represent our team for my last year here,” reveals senior Josh Ramirez. Ramirez is going to use this experience to pave the way of hardwork and success for his future career.

Senior Makalya Cuevas, who swam an individual event of the 100 yard butterfly and the 200 medley relay, expressed the same feeling.

“Being able to make it and swim at Valley was rewarding in a way to tell me, I earned it,” Cuevas expressed. Cuevas will use this energy to push herself even more after high school.

Younger swimmers like sophomore Natalee Mares is going to use this experience to push herself further than this season.

“My goal next year is to place top eight in an individual event at Valley,” stated Mares.

Overall, this year’s swim team is sure to make history as well as inspire future swimmers who want to join. Their outstanding performance was made possible by their hard work, commitment and determination.