They Went to Prom and Got Lost in Wonderland

Anastasia Drolette, Reporter

Dear dear, prom is here! 

The Cheshire cat invited the juniors and seniors of Selma High to party and dance with their friends on the night of May 7th. This date officially marks the first prom since the pandemic subsided, therefore it was bound to be a bang. 

As the guests arrived, they were invited through the doors of The Painted Table. The dim lighting and decorations created a wonderland impression, all put on by the class of 2023. Throughout the night, people were encouraged to dance their hearts out and enjoy all the entertainment provided. There was an ongoing raffle giving away the desirable Dutch Bros gift cards and a “guess the gumballs” station. An estimated 346 people attended the function creating long lines for the photobooth and big crowds dancing. Hungry feet made their way to the food area, where there were various cheeses and sliders with the main course of chicken wings. Also making an appearance was Nya’s Sweet Treats small business. 

With barbecue-stained dresses and suits, the prom attendees gathered for the announcement of their very own Prom King and Queen. This year, the senior class prom king was Jorge Guzman, accompanied by his prom queen and girlfriend, Allyson Hamm. Prince and princess Adam Lanas and Kayla Diaz took home the sashes for the juniors. Last but not least, the honorary prom court included Antonio Anaya and Elena Santos. 

Senior Mia Harris says her favorite part of the night was being able to laugh and sing with her friends. 

“I made lots of memories that night,” she recalls. She and the rest of her class appreciated the last dance with their friends before they were off to college. 

Alexis Orosco also enjoyed the evening, “the excitement that came with announcing the prom royalty winners was one of the biggest highlights of the night. When they announced the winners, the crowd went crazy, and everyone was cheering.” 

Prom night is a fun night for upperclassmen. Still, it allows friends to say their goodbyes and party before they are faced with the demands of their future. May 7th, 2022, would end as a night to remember for these soon-to-be adults.