Baseball Grand Slams Back into Things


Jorge Guzman, Reporter/Photo Editor

After a rough patch due to Covid-19 and its precautions, Selma High baseball is getting back into the groove of things. After taking some major hits such as limited play time the past two years, lower practice time, and limited player count, they are finally back on track. 

Having already played five games, two of which they won, they hope to keep catching wins as they face the challenges brought by the pandemic.

“It’s hard having to review things that normally aren’t,” stated Coach Hollet. “But it mostly comes down to the fact that we have a pretty young team.”

Baseball, like most sports, requires a ton of practice and refining, in order to master the craft. Covid-19 did a number on this by severely restricting the time the teams players have had to improve on their game.

“It’s especially hard for the sophomores and freshmen since they had their middle school seasons cut short,” added coach Hollet.

Although the team is facing many challenges due to lack of experience; it is important to note that the team is in constant search for growth.

“No matter what it is, we can always get better at something,” exclaims senior and centerfield Exodus Rodriguez. “We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve.” A team’s ability to work together and be there for one another on the field is vital as much in baseball as it is any other team sport. 

“This year’s team has good chemistry, and we have all known each other for a long time,” comments sophomore pitcher and third baseman Logan McCraken. 

Having a solid player to player relationship is key to the game of baseball, especially during times of urgency such as having multiple opponent players on base. The team must work together on defense in order to get them all out without ever reaching home plate.

“Everyone is pulling for one another,” says Coach Hollet. “That might be our biggest asset as a team.” A positive atmosphere, both on and off the field is a major contributing factor to the teams success.

As the season progresses, we get to see why the players truly love the sport.

“It [baseball] reflects life, in the aspect that you will fail more than you succeed,” explains senior pitcher Jaycob Caldera. “You need to learn on the fly and constantly improve yourself to beat the best teams.” This strive for improvement starts at the individual level, but it radiates throughout the players and eventually comes to improve the team as a whole. This growth and sense of companionship all contribute to the passion of the game. 

“Our ultimate goal is to win games and put more signs on our left field fence,” exclaimed Caldera. As the team continues on throughout the season, they are looking to not only improve, but to win.

The Selma High baseball team has come to embody the concept of a “team player” and will carry this on with them for the remainder of the spring season.