Girls’ Soccer Comes to the End with Goals in Sight


Celeste Mariscal

Makaira Chavez races to the goal.

Diana Garza, Co-Editor in Chief/Webmaster/Co-Sports Editor

After months of hard work, the Selma High girls’ soccer season is nearly at an end. The team’s positive attitude and genuine love of the game made for a great season. 

Already the team has played Kingsburg, Dinuba, CVC, and many other schools. Recently the team played Hanford West on January 28, coming out victorious with a score of 3-1. The girls’ Senior Night was on February 10, and they played their rival Kingsburg, making for a competitive match. However, it’s clear that growth and experience is the real priority for the team. 

“The best part for me is being able to help people realize their potential. Not only as players, but as individuals,” said Coach Zamora. 

The team’s main goal this season is to channel their off field chemistry into each game. 

“I think we really need to work on our communication,” explained junior Samantha Zarate. “That’s something we’ve been lacking the last few years.” Zarate plays center back, meaning she’s the team’s last chance to win the ball from an opponent before they can score.  

Communication and working together is vital in soccer, because players must act spontaneously upon receiving the ball. However, they must be simultaneously in sync with their teammates. An athlete isn’t just reacting to a play, but the entire team is responding in unison. 

“I personally love it,” admitted senior and center midfielder Rosselyn Machado. “I think it’s fun how you have to depend on your teammates.” As center mid, Machado creates channels for the ball to make its way across the field. It’s necessary to work together to create dominance over the ball and field. 

The girls are aiming to make it to the playoffs, putting their effort into maximum performance. “Our goal has been to improve as a team as the season goes on, compete each game, and make a run in the playoffs,” said Coach Zamora. 

 To prepare they’ve been practicing every day after school, focusing on possession of the ball and shooting. It’s important that the first acquisition of the ball is controlled, so the team can be in charge of plays. 

“Our greatest strength is definitely hyping each other up.…Soccer has created something I could really enjoy in high school,” continued Machado. “I’m a closed off person, but I’ve learned that it’s okay to depend on other people.”

It’s clear that soccer has become more than a game, and a gateway to life long friendships. 

“Soccer has always brought me close to other people. I’ve made friends I’ve known for a long time,” added Zarate. 

The girls’ soccer team has put in hours of practice and self growth. So while the season may be coming to an end, soccer’s impact on the team is forever.