Hoops, They did it again!


Lovleen Sahota

Forward, Chantel Rodriguez shoots a free-throw during a home game against Chowchilla High.

Lovleen Sahota, Feature Editor

Last year, as the worldwide pandemic led to many events being canceled or postponed, Selma High sports were also pushed to a gradual halt. However, with the new school year, sports have come back to their normal pace.  

The Selma Lady Bears’ basketball season starts off at the beginning of Winter. Varsity players are very excited for this season.

Coach Romig looks forward to an amazing and eventful season. 

“I’m extremely proud of each person on this team. The team holds a lot of potential for great accomplishments in the near future,” conveys Coach Romig.

On Monday, November 15th,  the Lady Bears started the season off strong by winning a home game against Chowchilla High, with a score of 68– 11. 

“The team’s performance and energy on court was encouraging and uplifting,” describes point-guard Mia Harris. “This game was our first game and it really just allowed us all to connect and work with one another.” 

Coming back to a new state of normalcy can be a bit difficult to adjust to. The Lady Bears return back to a consistent period filled with games and practices after the Covid Pandemic.

Emily Pallesi, who plays forward, further shares her experience of having an active routine with basketball. 

“During Covid, we would practice and have little to no games,” expresses Pallesi. “And now returning back to school has allowed the practicing, to have something for us to look forward to, Games!” 

Coach Romig also understands how difficult it may be to return to an active schedule.

 “It takes a lot of dedication and patience to maintain a balance between School and Sports,” describes Coach Romig. 

Moreover, the aftermath of the Covid Pandemic declined the Lady Bears’ performance. 

“Covid, just made everything stop for a while. Not being persistent with practice was impacting,” explains Mia Harris. 

Covid really took a toll on many and still maintains a grip on others.

“It [the Pandemic] changed everyone’s perspective and made them see new things; we all had to start over and re-evaluate everything,” states Coach Romig. 

Despite the challenges, varsity girls basketball is optimistic for a great season.

They will be playing Dinuba High on Tuesday, December 14th.