Girls Water Polo Starts Season off Strong


Victoria Quintana

Senior Abigail Baker prepares to score a goal.

Victoria Quintana, Kaleidoscope Editor

The Selma girls water polo team defeated rival Kingsburg on Tuesday, September 28th with a score of 9-4. Going into the game, the girls were feeling nervous, and they faced a few foul setbacks during the second half. Two of their players got rolled, meaning that they got three ejections and had to be pulled out of the game, so the girls had to play with extra effort. Despite playing man down, the girls’ performance was sufficient and they pulled out with a win.

“We stuck our ground and did what we were supposed to do,” stated senior Brooke Machado.

Their current record is 6-2 including tournaments and are working towards their goal of winning league, then going as far as they can in playoffs. 

In order to be a successful team, the girls are working hard during practices. They currently have eight players, and half of them have never played water polo before. They are focusing on incorporating these four new players into the game which is a major challenge.

“Luckily the other four girls are pretty solid, and they’re helping to teach them,” explained Coach Wood.

Not only are the girls teaching their new players the fundamentals of the game, but they are also working on their communication and getting their plays down. 

“When it comes to a game we communicate, but during practice it’s been difficult,” expressed Machado.

They are sorting out how to flow as a team during practice which will translate into their games. By practicing how to get the ball down to their shooters and persistently pushing their limits, they make progress toward becoming a more solid team.

“A challenge for me is getting across the pool because I have to work a lot,” stated junior Makaira Chavez, who plays the positions two and set, which means that she is mainly in charge of getting into a place for a perfect shot.

Something that sets the SHS girls water polo team apart from others are the leaders on their team who have a lot of experience.

The four  girls that have played in past years are solid,” stated Coach Wood. “2 of them—Abi and Brooke—are seniors and have been on varsity for four  years. Makayla (senior) has greatly improved and Makaira (junior) is an excellent defender and solid offensive player.”

Water polo has taught the girls more than just how to play the game. It has taught them about teamwork, leadership, and helping others which they carry into their daily lives.

“Teamwork plays a big role in my daily life because that’s what water polo’s mainly about,” explained Chavez.

“In practice, if you see someone struggling, you’re obviously going to help them,” shared Machado. “It applies to normal life, so if you see somebody struggling with something, you’re going to want to go out of your way to help them.”

The skills and lessons the players have gained from being on the water polo team at Selma High make them not only better players of the game but better people as well.