Football Is Back! Here Come The Touchdowns


Number 3, Dominic Gonzales, running to the end zone.

Victoria Juarez, Editorial Editor

Selma High School’s varsity Football team has officially started its season. August 27 marked the beginning of their season with a game against Madera. The team’s last game will be on October 29, against Kingsburg High School. Their most recent game was on October 1, reaping Selma a victory against Hanford West. They will be facing Dinuba High on Friday, October 8.

Currently the Football team has had four games in their season. Some schools the team has faced are Madera High, Reedley High, Hoover High and Hanford West. The football team currently has a record of 2-2. This means that they are facing two wins and two losses. The team’s goal is to go to playoffs with at least half wins and half losses in their league. 

“The Selma High football team is in the Central Sequoia League meaning that they are in a league with surrounding teams near them,” says Coach Logue. “We always play people in our own league. These league games are the games that determine if we go to the playoffs.” 

This year is Coach Logue’s seventh year coaching at Selma High, yet this is his first head coaching job. The boys are very young, and after a year off from covid have little to no experience on a varsity team. 

“Our biggest challenge is doing the little things right,” says quarterback Paul Rodriguez, “but a good thing is we play with a lot of energy.”

The team has practice at 5:15 am and finishes at 7:30 am, just in time to go to school. When they don’t practice in the morning, they practice from 3:15 to 5:30 pm. 

Despite practicing with such rigor, issues are arising in the team after a year away from the field. The issue appears to be about motivation.

“We didn’t take it seriously at first,” echoed Senior running back Duran Delgado. “Getting shut down a couple times due to Covid also hit us hard.” 

Delgado has been playing football since he was six years old. He has also been on Varsity since his sophomore year of high school. Though Delgado and his teammates are slightly discouraged, they have been growing and learning from their experiences.

“You have to be more determined,” says Delgado, “and put more effort into the sport than what the coach asks of you. We have to go above and beyond.” 

Though the team had a rough start, they are currently working hard and determined to make it to playoffs.