Soccer: Enthusiasm on the Field


Daisy Hernandez, Reporter

The SHS girls soccer team defeated Dinuba with a score of 3-1, and the boys soccer team lost to Dinuba, ending the game with a close 2-1, on May 12th.

Even after a long break, the teams are off to a good start. Enthusiasm to get back on the field is  the key component to this. 

“Honestly, I didn’t have to motivate the girls much. They had been away from the game for so long that they missed it and were excited to get back on the field,” says Luis Zamora, the SHS girls’ soccer coach. 

Being away from the field was very difficult and different for the players. 

“I was locked up at home with nothing to do and no way to stay in shape. I honestly felt terrible. Soccer is really important to me and without it, my life seemed very off,” mentioned Stephanie Garcia, a sophomore on the SHS girls soccer team. 

Without being able to practice she felt as though she was unfit to play soccer. Practice was always something normal and without it there was an empty void. 

Preparing for games has also changed. In a normal season, the team would have more days off in between games to prepare for upcoming matches. However, this year is different, due to the team trying to fit the season in a smaller period of time because of COVID-19. 

“Preparing for games has been difficult at times. We are playing 3 times a week and sometimes even have to play back to back nights, so it doesn’t give us much time to prepare for our next opponents,” says Zamora. 

Even though it is tough for the players to keep up with the hectic schedule, they still advance and play with all they’ve got. They motivate themselves in many different ways to be able to do their best in the game. However, being away from the field has brought some of the nervousness back to the players. 

“Before every game I listen to a playlist meant specifically for game days. Music really helps calm my nerves,” says Garcia. 

Just like Stephanie, many other players use this same method to prepare before a soccer game. 

“I usually just listen to music to hype me up,” stated senior Zacarias Ortiz. “The field does bring back some nervousness but once you’re on it, it becomes an exhilarating place.” 

Many new students who want to play soccer for the school may be brought down by these nerves. Many feel they are not good enough or that they would not be able to make a goal. “Assisting the shot is just as important as making it,” Ortiz mentions.  Soccer is a team sport, which includes all 11 players on the field. One can not succeed without the help of their teammates. 

Even though it may be hard, “Give it a chance, you can possibly fall in love with the sport.” comments Garcia.