Football’s Calm After the Score


SHS ready to face off with Kerman. Taken by Isabella Porras

Isabella Porras, Reporter

Selma High School’s football team ended their season on April 16th at Kingsburg High for the annual rivalry game. Due to COVID-19 the team’s season was delayed and consisted of only 6 games. 

The team has had their fair share of postponements, right up until the first week of their season. 

SHS was on a roll after two staggering wins against Kerman (42-13) and Dinuba (50-7), and the players walked into Kingsburg high with great anticipation. After being neck and neck through all four quarters, Selma ultimately fell short with a score of 17-15. However, players walked off the field Friday night with their heads held high.

“Although we weren’t able to get the win, it was such a good game,”  said freshman varsity player Nico Colado. “It was crazy and just know that next year we’ll put up a good fight.”

As they reflected on the short season, the mantra of the night was ‘worth it’.

“Our whole team sat with each other and let players and coaches give speeches,” explained Colado. “It was a heartfelt moment and really made me look at the game differently.”

“It was an accomplishment, being able to prove to myself that I can truly compete in a sport like this,” expressed senior AJ Montijo. “Every game I felt myself getting better and was learning so much from our amazing coaches.”

As a result of injuries and other extenuating circumstances, many athletes weren’t able to participate in this unconventional sports year. This allowed many students. upper and lower classmen alike, to be on varsity for the first time, and many were surprised at how quickly they adjusted.

“There are a couple underclassmen out there who were brought up [to varsity], and they’re showing major potential for the next couple years.” said Daniel Acosta, who attended the rivalry game. 

Despite the rough start, the 2021 season turned out to be a satisfying transition into a more competitive schedule next semester.