Ordaz Holds On to Future Goals Outside the Field


Jetzael Ordaz (21) alongside with Oswaldo Landin (4) ready up to play

Julianna Colado, Co-Sports Editor

As life continues throughout the pandemic, Selma High’s varsity football player Jetzael Ordaz keeps a determined mindset and positive hopes for his future on the field. 

Although present times are disrupting the practices for several fall sports including football, Jetzael Ordaz states that mindset is key to maintaining mental health throughout this time.

“What keeps me motivated is reminding myself that we won Valley Championships last year and have so many great players still to win it again this year. Although we may not be practicing right now, knowing that we won last year and can do it again this year is really keeping me motivated,” explained Ordaz. 

With the cancellation of practices due to the purple standing of covid cases, several athletes are left with so much free time as opposed to their usual hectic schedule. 

“Since I have a job now, when I don’t have practice I’m working. I try looking on the bright side of our situations like being able to have more time at home to do school work and catch up on homework,” mentioned Ordaz.

Although practices may be unpredictable, working out at home has become a new hobby of Ordaz.

“I have to use what I got and make the most out of it even if it isn’t much. I work out at home everyday for at least an hour, but it varies depending on what body part I’m focusing on. Working out is for sure part of my daily schedule though,” said Ordaz. 

Being a senior this year, there are still several goals for Jetzael’s future after highschool.

“My goal after graduation is to attend a four-year university and study computer science,” said Ordaz. “I love football and soccer both and would definitely be open to playing in college,” he added. 

For Jetzael however, football has meant more than just a sport.
“I like what football teaches me. It’s taught me the meaning of teamwork and that not one person can do it all by themselves. Last year is an example of this because we worked together and won the championship. It also teaches me about mental strength and keeping a tough mentality because in the future there will be more obstacles that I will face, and I think football has prepared me well for this,” Ordaz explained. 

With the unpredictable future that awaits for SHS athletics, Jetzael Ordaz keeps mindset and attitude a priority to keep a high spirit during his last year playing football.