My 6 Favorite Articles of Clothing

Chloe Mendoza, Co-Editor in Chief

Nike Cortes (White/Varsity Red/Varsity Royal) 

I bought these shoes about one year ago, at the height of the Nike Air Force One frenzy. In search of a new shoe, I was tempted to fall victim to this trend, but decided to go a different direction. Now this was NOT my attempt to be a “I’m not like other girls” kinda girl. Frankly, I really like AF1s. I just fancied the Cortes’s rounded head and the pop of colors. Since then, these shoes have become a staple in my closet, and never fail to spice up a look when I’m in need of classic white shoes. 


Doc Martens 1460 Taupe Pascal 

Last year, I yearned to be a Doc Marten alt-girl. My pinterest boards were filled with pictures of those platform shoes. Finally my dreams were answered on Christmas day when I opened a box to find my very own 1460 Taupe Pascal boots. I wear these shoes with dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, and pretty much anything I could imagine. Their comfort is matched by only their versatility. 


Cropped Jones New York Signature Brown Jacket 

I enjoy the occasional thrift, so when I came upon this jacket, I was thrilled. Originally reaching my hips, this brown top was very boxy and a bit unflattering. So I took up my scissors and began snipping. I cut it to its’ present length, and found it to be the perfect size for the many high waisted pants I own. This jacket is the center of many of my favorite casual outfits, and the cover to many tank tops that I wish to add layers to. 


Peasant Sleeve Ribbed Floral Dress 

Rarely do I wear dresses, but when I do, I like to rely on two factors: comfort and style. This blue floral dress is the perfect length for me to adventure in. The peasant sleeves offer me much mobility and the elastic shoulder grants me the option to go off the shoulder, should I wish to. The dark blue blossoms compliment the eggshell expanse and create a light and airy mood. This is easily one of my favorite (school appropriate) dresses. 


Flared “Mama Mia” Light-Wash Jean 

Wearing these jeans, I am transported to a world where young women escape their responsibilities to Greek islands and people spontaneously break out into Abba songs. Yes, I am referencing Mama Mia. But the flare and high waist of these pants offer me solace and simple happiness. I often compliment the cut of these jeans with a cropped shirt or sweater. I don’t like to wear clothes that don’t bring me joy, but it’s safe to say that this article of clothing falls under no such category. 


Clear Butterfly Clips 

At the local Bead Central in Selma, I recently came upon two silver twisting hair jewels. I was instantly fascinated by them, and went in search of more. This search led to my interest in all sorts of hair adornments: clips, pins, and rings. As of now, my favorites have to be the clear butterflies. They are versatile and create a soft look that adds to any outfit.