Fashion: Cool November Meets Warm Hues and Corduroy

Ramon Martinez

Chloe Mendoza, Co-Editor in Chief

“Film-inspired”: Have you ever seen an outfit from a movie that you just HAD to have? We’ve all been there, and it’s true when they say inspiration comes from unexpected places. Noreen Diaz, November’s featured fashionista, also takes inspiration from her favorite films. In this picture, Noreen rocks a burnt-orange corduroy dress with a fitted black short sleeve underneath, giving off a few ninetys vibes. Her black Doc-Martens add an edge to her fit, making it a bit more bold. Lastly, everybody loves BEANIES! In this picture, Noreen styles a beige-cream beanie that perfectly completes her outfit. Ever feel like dressing up without the hassle of a super complicated outfit? Take notes! 


Comfy-Retro: Meet Ramon Martinez, one of our featured trend-setters of the month. As November comes around and our crop tops and shorts are put away for the season, turtle necks and big jackets are just starting to make their first appearances! Ramon’s fit and use of warm hues is perfect for any fall activity. In this picture Ramon styles a classic, black turtleneck and compliments it with two gold chains, giving off a few Dwayne Johnson vibes (but Ramon is definitely cooler). Hanging off of his shoulders is a black, corteriod, fur lined jacket that is both functional and stylish! Stay warm, my friends. Ramon also dons a pair of brown corduroy pants and matches it with a warm, brown belt. Lastly, to top off his outfit, Ramon styles a pair of white Old Skool Vans (not pictured). The moral of the story remains, when in doubt, turtle neck it out!  “Fashion allows me to express the side of me that I can’t really express verbally,” stated Martinez. 

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