Lady Bears Coming Back for a Successful Season

Senior Mia Salinas jumps to hit the ball over the net.

Jashan Gill, Kaleidoscope Editor

The Lady Bears have started off their season with a victory against Hanford West as their first league win. This is an accomplishment because this is the first time since 2017 that they’ve won a league game. They have also moved up one division.  

Another accomplishment they’ve had in their season was winning against Sierra High School. They are a really good team and winning had made their night.  

“We had a home game against Sierra and it was a really intense and close game, but we finished off strong,” said Captain Mia Salinas. 

During their practices they have been pushing really hard to get to the top and be on their A game. They have been challenged to do things that they have never performed at. This is what brings the girls to their potential at being their best. 

“We as coaches have very high expectations and push the girls to perform at levels they have never performed at,” said Coach Kaufmann.

Some days they learn quick but then other days they sometimes have to slow things down and go over what they did right/wrong.

“The girls have to push through those rough patches to learn what they should be doing and develop new habits,” said Coach Kaufmann.

Captains Laila Gallardo and Mia Salinas had mentioned that the team has been going through some struggles, and they’ve been pushing themselves to fix those mistakes.

“Lately, we have been struggling with finishing the game and pushing through all the sets they play,” said Laila Gallardo.

Adding to what Gallardo said, Mia Salinas continued, “Sometimes we go onto the fifth set, and it gets hard and nerve-wracking because it’s the last set and it determines who wins.”

Gallardo had said that they have competitive teams such as Exeter and Kingsburg, Selma High’s rival. These teams can be intimidating, but in the end, it makes them better players.

The Lady Bears have goals set in mind and it’s to make it to playoffs, and go to Valley, and hopefully make it to State. 

“We as a team hope to play every game to the best of our ability and make it to playoffs,” said Jasmine Lozano.

The girls are determined to complete their goals and make this season memorable.