A Pretty Excerpt of an Old Notebook

Diana Garza, Co-Editor in Chief/Webmaster/Co-Sports Editor

Pretty isn’t stunning or beautiful, and it doesn’t acknowledge brilliance. However, that does not mean it is missing any energy. In a society where beauty standards are pressured to be perfect and extraordinary, simplicity is often looked down upon. Yet quietness is not a bad thing. Just because “pretty” may be deemed as lacking does not mean it is any less captivating.  Pretty isn’t about the way you look—although it could be—rather it’s about how people see you and how you carry yourself. Some say that to call another pretty is to ignore their more noteworthy qualities. But prettiness is worthy of recognition. To represent naturality, ease, and delicacy is substantial. In this life we often forgo simplicity, pressured to fit into society’s unattainable excellence. Pretty is not glamorous and that should be okay. It should be enough.