Looking for a Job?

Anastasia Drolette, Reporter

Are you looking for a spring or upcoming summer job but don’t know where to start? Whether you need part time for some quick money, or a full time commitment, Selma’s got you covered! To get you started, in order to work at any job in California as a minor, such as retail or fast food, you will need a work permit. A work permit is usually issued as a card and is a statement of release stating that you are eligible to work. 

Now you’re probably wondering where you can get one of these. If you’re looking for a job now this school year, you can go talk to your class counselor or an administrator on campus. Even if you are planning for that summer job, you can ask your counselor to issue the permit now and it will be valid for the upcoming months. But beware! Everytime you leave a job for another, you will need a new work permit. 

During the summer when school is closed, all you have to do is go down to the district office and request one. Either a representative or the superintendent will issue one for you. 

Now that you have your work permit plan, you are ready for those job options! Here are some jobs around Selma that are teen friendly and flexible for you!

As of now Rue 21 is offering jobs to teens as young as 16 years old. When applying at Rue 21 consider the following: Online as of this year, Rue 21 has updated their job descriptions. They are looking for an upbeat, trendy, and stylish individual who has great communication skills and can relate to their customers. As a sales associate you would be working part time at an average hourly rate of $9 an hour. The benefits are a casual non formal dress code and merchandise discounts.


McDonald’s is also a great place to work as young as 16 years old. When applying at McDonald’s consider the following: From McDonald’s website job description, they are looking for what they call a “Crew Member” which takes on the responsibilities of preparing the food, taking orders, and keeping the restaurant clean. They emphasize an amazing attitude and good customer service skills. McDonald’s is flexible to a teen’s busy life and offers both part and full time. The average salary is around $10-$12 per hour.


Another great option is Starbucks which also allows jobs there as young as 16 years old. As a teen you can work there as a barista, who puts together and takes orders. When applying for Starbucks consider the following: On the Starbucks online job description, they are looking for a committed and hard working person who can handle angry customers with poise. The benefits are an average discount of 30% off all Starbucks products, and a very flexible schedule made for students. The average pay is around $10-$12 per hour. 


Chipotle is a restaurant that I personally highly recommend seeking out. They start hiring at 16 years old and offer you many benefits. Firstly, Chipotle pays a little more than most local restaurants. On the Chipotle job description from the website, “Indeed.com”, the average salary is $12-$14 per hour. Their benefits include free food for all employees, PAID time off, holidays off, and time leniency. Attributes they are looking for include speaking the local languages (such as Spanish) and a drive to learn different jobs in the restaurant such as cooking, and supervising. Overall Chipotle is a great place to start your working years.