Being a Leader Goes a Long Way


Members of the leadership team pose at the trash pick up.

Christian Garnica, Reporter

As we all know, giving back to the community is an important way to positively impact the place where we live and our surroundings. The ways we give back can be simple yet meaningful and go a long way. 

Selma High School’s leadership class makes giving back to the community a priority and shows students the importance and value to do so. 

Leadership is an on campus elective class that allows students to get involved with the student body, help better the school’s campus, and volunteer for the better good for the city of Selma. This class is not easy to get into and requires an interview during the summer to ensure each student has qualities such as integrity, positivity, and time management. These traits are practiced everyday during class to help them succeed in the classroom and in life.

This year the Leadership class held two city clean ups that took place in and around downtown Selma. The kids spent their mornings picking up trash with lot of enthusiasm, effort, and teamwork. Some of the students also planted flowers and layed down mulch to enhance the appearance of downtown Selma. They were also accompanied by a Selma council member, Scott Robinson.

“It feels good being able to be involved in my own hometown and be around all these other people that care,” said Navanni Rizo, a junior class officer.

This year instead of a traditional homecoming celebration, the Leadership class decided to hold a community rally open to the entire city of Selma. Over a hundred people attended including families, friends, and students from Selma High. 

“The community rally was a good change for our small town and it was cool seeing how many people participated,” says varsity football player Royal Valle.

This event helped people of Selma come together and celebrate homecoming as a whole.

The can food drive is a school-wide fundraiser that helps donate different types of food to local charities that help feed the needy. This event helps raise awareness for people that are less fortunate than most. Leadership facilitates this activity and helps make it possible. 

This year Selma High donated over two thousand cans and raised about six-hundred dollars to donate to Selma Cares. Every year Selma Cares feeds about 500 families and contributes to the large population of people that are in need. This organization gives people around Selma better opportunities that help assist with their situation.

“This event helps students think about other people out there that are less fortunate and not just about themselves,” describes Activities Director, Mike Pallesi.

Being able to give back to the community does a lot for the people around us and gives a special feeling within ourselves. This message is portrayed by the Leadership Club on campus and continues to encourage students to be the best they can be for others.