Volleyball, Change of Heart


Jashan Gill, Kaleidoscope Editor

I have been playing volleyball since sixth grade and recently stopped after my sophomore season. It had been a fun five years playing with my teammates, but I feel as if I needed a break from the sport and try something new. 

I remember when I first started playing volleyball, I immediately fell in love with it. I got to be a part of it with my friends and it was so fun being able to play with them by my side. My mom had played volleyball when she was younger and she would always help me practice. It was nice to have a bond with my mom in what we both love. 

Volleyball has helped me transform into a stronger person. An example would be when I would do something wrong, I would push myself into being better. Volleyball has taught me that I shouldn’t give up on anything and push to be better. Going to practice each day was an adventure and it made me happy because of the love I have for the sport.  

When I got to my sophomore year, I started to realize that the next two years are going to be a little different. I came to the conclusion that I want to try new things. During my junior and senior year, I want to focus on the different clubs I want to join and, most importantly, focus on my grades. Junior year is the hardest year as everyone says and I want to take advantage of that. 

Even though I have parted my way with volleyball, the journey was still marvelous. I do miss playing the sport and being around my teammates, but it was great to have the memories as they lasted. 

Volleyball will always have a special place in my heart.