What’s the New Dance Move?

Clarice Flores, Reporter

The first back to school dance at Selma High has left students eager for the following dances to come this year. On August 16th, the dance was held outside next to the boy’s locker room near the pool. The pool was open for all students to enjoy, as well as dancing to trendy music. Most students, such as senior Nick Lopez thought the dances was worth spending time at.

“I thought the first dance of the year was really chill,” explained Lopez. “Especially as my last first dance I thought it was worth going.”

As the first dance of the year, the dance was meant for students to come together and have a great time.

“I went to the dance make fun memories with my friends and enjoy my junior year,” said junior Evony Valencia.

For most upperclassmen they noticed the dances are usually very similar to each other, but this one stood out due to better music.

“I really like the music they played,” explained senior Danielle Carrillo. “They played very upbeat songs with the occasional spanish songs that were easy to dance to.”

During the dance there was laughter, music, swimming, games, and food and most importantly students were all together enjoying their night of fun.

“I like how the people got along throughout the night and overall had a fun time,” said junior Nazish Iftia.

For those who experienced their first dance of high school, mainly the freshies, spoke out and believe that the event was a great way to start off the their year. 

“As my first dance, I thought it was really fun,” expressed freshman Aaliyah Garcia. “As a freshman I wanted to experience something worth remembering and later not regret going.”

The dance didn’t just have a big white tent magically appear along with decorations, it was the hard work of the Leadership team has made everything possible. 

“To get everything ready for the night, we had to organize the day of the dance.” explained Leadership member, Madie Vasquez. “We had to gather up all of the decorations and posters that we’d use right after school and work together to get it all finished as soon as possible.”

With all of the hard work and effort towards the dance, many believe that it was a success with a few okay issues to learn from, for the following dances being arranged. 

“I really hope the next dance has air-conditioning because it was so humid under the tent.” explained Carillo. “Since it was outside the heat and only two fans weren’t enough to keep everyone cool.”

With new suggestions of cooler conditioning depending the weather everyone was having their time of their lives, while hanging out with friends and listening to the DJ’s music. The school, especially the seniors are more excited to have more fun than ever while it lasts. 

“I hope the class of 2020 has a memorable year at Selma HIgh,” explained senior Eduardo Urieta. “High school is just a small portion of our lives but we will always have the memories we take on after school is over.” 

The students of Selma High are excited for more activities and are hope to see everyone there at the following dances to make the memories that are worth while.