Girls’ Tennis is Serving a Great Season

Alina Lopez preparing to strike the tennis ball.

Ari Matias Perez, Co-Editor in Chief, Co-News Editor

On September 26, 2019 the Selma High Girls Tennis Team faced the Kingsburg Vikings  for the school’s rivalry. Although the Vikings won, the Selma High girls are still hopeful for the new season, in which they are doing really well. 

“This season is going really well.  We are 4-2, which means we’ve won 4 matches and lost 2,” explained junior Oriana Espiritu.  “We all hope to make it to playoffs.” 

Just a week before the Kingsburg game, the Selma Girls Tennis team won against Immanuel High School.  The girls are hoping to keep improving and getting as many victories as they can. They have been tirelessly preparing for a successful season. 

“We have been working hard every practice and are working on things we need help on,” expressed junior Anahi Soto.  “It’s always a challenge to better yourself.”

Despite it being a challenge, the girls are not going to give up on their team and individual goals.

“As a team we hope to get better everyday and continue working.  As an individual I am working hard on my serves and want to improve my strokes,” states Soto.  A lot of the girls share this similar mindset of wanting to do better. 

“My personal goals would be to keep getting better and staying focused,” added junior, Denise Valenzuela.

The Selma High Tennis Team is hoping to keep having a successful season and keep improving.  They still have a handful of matches left in their season. For instance, on October 8th they’ll be facing Hanford West High, and on October 10th they’ll face Exeter High school.  

“We all are working hard to make this season great,” shared Soto.