Student Debate


Brandi Aguilera and Christian Garnica

Don’t Be A Ghost On Halloween

By Brandi Aguilera

Halloween is right around the corner and it is so close that it’s practically knocking on our doors asking for candy. We all know we may be a bit too old to go out on Halloween night trick-or-treating. However, there are plenty of other reasons why you shouldn’t waste away this spooky night sitting at home.

First of all, friends always make everything 10x better. Grab your friend group and have a Halloween get-together. I mean, what other night of the year can you guys wear a mask without being looked at like you’re a lunatic? Halloween is only once a year so it’s best to show some Halloween spirit and take advantage of the costume fun by dressing up and going out with friends. Put on that mask and step outside of yourself for one evening and just live a little!

Regardless of the weather, it’s traditional on Halloween night for kids to go trick-or-treating. It would be nice for you to spend some quality time with a younger loved one. Chaper

one your little brother or sister while they collect candy, and you may become a little nostalgic. Halloween decor is the best, so get out, walk around, and appreciate the neighborhood Halloween decor like you would during Christmas. Also, this is a great time for you to interact with each and every one of your neighbors. Halloween is a time where we come together and strengthen community involvement, so attend the school dance or that church festival downtown. 

If you’re like me and are always up for adventures, Halloween is the perfect night to go on some spooky adventures. Whether you go alone or with friends, it can be pretty memorable and funny, for the most part. Drive down those empty, dark roads that give you the chills, or go visit that creepy, abandoned house you always avoid passing by. I am not encouraging you to do anything dangerous or illegal, but there’s no doubt that Halloween can be an adventurous night! 

This special night of the year is a time for celebration, transformation, community, and generosity. Every year, Halloween brings so many people with different backgrounds together. It’s also the one time of year people get to unleash their creative side and dress up in a silly or scary costume. With the community hosting various events, most people give back to one another – commonly in the form of candy. Don’t let this night pass you by. Get out of the house and join the social scene or do something for your community. Whatever you decide to do, just don’t be a ghost on Halloween.  

Go Ghost On Halloween

By Christian Garnica

As we all know Spooky Season has arrived which means Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween brings enjoyment to people of all ages considering the amounts of candy, creative costumes, and mysterious fun. However, as we continue to get older, are we still expected to partake in a holiday which is similar to a childish dress-up game? Well if you answered yes then you are yet to come to terms with reality, and will soon learn why staying inside is ideal this upcoming Halloween.

Finding a costume may be one of the most exciting activities prior to Halloween, but it’s also the hardest. Trying to find an original, unique costume idea is nearly impossible due to the many people who dress up for Halloween every year. Costumes can also be uncomfortable, expensive, and are likely to sell out quickly. With Halloween coming fast, it is easy to forget about finding a costume altogether. Last minute costumes are frustrating to quickly put together and may lack certain components. Plus, who needs a costume when you have a nice pair of pajamas?

Some of the best movies and shows premier on Halloween night, such as “Monster House”, “Hocus Pocus”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, and so forth. These movies are only played during the holiday season and deserve to be watched on the special night they are meant for. This is the best time to have a movie night with friends, family, or a significant other. Going out doesn’t compare to being surrounded by the people you admire most in a comfortable setting on a cold night.

Although Halloween may be one of the most thrilling holidays, it is possibly the most dangerous. Many bad things can happen on a dark night out in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Kidnappings are most common on nights when the streets are filled with kids by themselves, unattended by their parents. Also, for many years the news and police force have warned against drugged and poisoned candy that will potentially harm kids. Drunk drivers are another danger in which we should take caution and stay off the streets. Staying inside is a way to ensure our safety while to fully enjoying a much loved holiday at the same time.

Our time has come. We are officially too old to knock on the neighbor’s door in a onesie asking desperately for a measly Snickers. As we all know, Halloween is a night which mostly kids participate in. This means tricks-or-treating and dressing up for highschoolers is outdated for our particular age group. Part of entering high school means that we must grow up and face reality.

Instead of going out on October 31st, we should prioritize our responsibilities and catch up on school work because this is what our future depends on. Besides, Halloween will continue to come around each year and bring the same activities which are loved by many.