Welcoming Back Mrs.Baughman


Christian Garnica, Reporter

This year Selma High School welcomed back Jeanette Baughman to refill her position as the Librarian Technician. She returned from serving six years at Abraham Lincoln Middle School. This is Mrs. Baughman’s nineteenth year employed within the Selma Unified School District.

She is super excited to be back and is determined to make Selma High School’s library apart of each students life.

Mrs. Baughman’s main goal as Library Technician is to help students find books, and information, and be able to store each student’s information for checking out and returning books. This job is important in order for the library to function because it ensures each student has access to books.

Mrs. Baughman’s love for books is what led her to becoming a librarian. She embraced her passion of reading and her love for helping kids and turned it into her career. Her favorite genre to read is fantasy and historical fiction.

“I love to read, and I’d like to encourage more students to read,” says Mrs. Baughman

Mrs. Baughman came to work at Selma with her husband and stayed here since. Her father in law worked here as a teacher years back which influenced her employment here are Selma High. Ever since, Mrs Baughman has worked as the Librarian Technician at the middle school and high school. Over the years she has helped many students and seen many of them transfer from Selma’s Middle school to highschool.

Mrs. Baughman explained the many diverse groups that come into the library during break, lunch, and afterschool.

“There’s a good cross-section of kids that come in daily,” she said. 

However, one thing Mrs. Baughman does wish, just like many other librarians, is that the size of the library was bigger. 

“If the library was bigger we’d be able to get more kids in here reading,” she said anxiously.

One day the library will soon expand in hope to fulfill her future goal of getting more students to read.

 Mrs. Baughman is looking forward to having a great year and being able to connect with more students on campus. This year the library is expected to be filled during every lunch and afterschool by Mrs. Baughman.