Mrs. Nieto is Neat-o


Dashrit Pandher, Photo Editor

With the new school year came new staff members here at Selma High. One of these new staff members a new addition to the bear family, is Mrs. Nieto, a new addition to the library staff.

She has worked with junior high school students for a good portion of her career, before transferring over to work with elementary kids in the past three years. Mrs. Nieto is excastic to finally work with high schoolers, a group she doesn’t have any prior experience with. 

Mrs. Nieto has high hopes for her experience at Selma High, and cannot wait to interact with the student body.

“[I want] to be able to interact with the students more during their free time and do more activities with them,” said Mrs. Nieto.

Mrs. Nieto has many ideas on what type of activities she wishes to do with students.

“ I have a lot of ideas but I haven’t put them together. Mostly art, definitely something creative,” expressed Mrs. Nieto.

Mrs. Nieto also has ideas in mind that focus on reading and books. Not everything will be arts and craft. However some of her ideas relate back to popular books or literature that the students have read.

“I like the book talks where you can see them on YouTube or the TV.”  Mrs. Nieto said, “Those are more interesting, and attention capturing than normal book talks, to me at least.”

Along with sharing her plans for the school year and her time at Selma, Mrs. Nieto also reveals more about herself, and her family. She has two sons that she is incredibly proud of and couldn’t be happier with.

“I have two sons that are soldiers. One is a veteran and is in Hawaii. The other one passed away a few years ago,” reveals Mrs. Nieto with a heavy heart.

Her sons were not the only soldiers in her life. Mrs. Nieto is proud of her soldier roots and familial backgrounds. 

“I come from a long line of family that were soldiers. My grandfather fought in World War II, so it goes all the way back to my grandfather, and then all the way up to my sons,” tells Mrs. Nieto with a proud smile.

Mrs. Nieto cannot be happier about her family and the history behind it, but is excited to add the student body to her family as well. Mrs. Nieto can’t wait to start working alongside the students at Selma High and has a message she wishes to tell the student body.

“Come to the library. You’re very welcome here, and I want to meet all the students.” Mrs. Nieto expresses, “I like to meet all the students, and I just like to get to know people. I like to connect and form relationships with all the students.”