Club Rush Gets Students Involved


Students sign up for APEX club at Club Rush.

Sakshi Palav, Co-Editor in Chief/News Editor/Co-Sport's Editor

Selma high held its annual Club Rush on September 4th and 5th. Club advisors set up tables just outside the leadership and nurse’s office and drummed in students to sign up. These two days give students the opportunity to pick and choose what clubs and activities they want to participate in. Clubs varied from thrifting clubs to feminist clubs and hiking clubs. Students get to join any and however many clubs they wish to.

Club rush at Selma High is a hit because many students join to participate in extracurricular activities, make memories with their friends, and show school spirit. While some join to fill their abundant hobbies, clubs give students a way to be involved in activities they genuinely enjoy and have fun participating in. 

Students enjoy the variety of clubs because there is something for everyone. For Oriana Espirito, her goal is to help people with life and do charity work. 

“I like doing extra stuff to help,” she said. 

She talked about how she’s in the Feminist Club, Leo’s Club, and Key Club. In Leo’s Club, they go around the city and participate in communal things to help the community, and those in the town who need help. In Key Club, the students help people in need, like the PTP (Pediatric Trauma Program). 

Another student, Ashley Matias, said that being in a club like Feminist Club makes her feel empowered. 

“I want to go on the trips and converse with the rest of the girls. Plus, women empowerment motivates me to bring the change to the world” said Matias. To her and many other students at SHS, clubs like Feminist Club and Thrifting Club help them feel like they’re doing good for the world and the environment.

Club rush was a huge success this year.