Selma High Takes on Bearchella

Girls wrestling takes the win in tug-of-war against boys wrestling. Photo by Mia Salinas

Mia Salinas, Reporter/Layout Editor

The first ever Bearchella rally was held on Thursday, January 16, 2020. Students celebrated at the winter rally the first week back from winter break. 

The chosen theme “Bearchella” was inspired by the popular music and arts festival held annually in Indio, California known as Coachella.

Each class was given a decade as their theme. Freshmen were 80’s, sophomores were 90’s, juniors were 70‘s, and seniors were the 2000’s. The gym was set up to represent each theme with colorful posters and cutouts of musical objects that corresponded with each decade. Aside from decorations, many students participated by dressing up in the styles most popular during their assigned decade. 

The leadership class worked hard on preparing for the rally during winter break. “The rally took many hours of hard work, in and out of school, but it was totally worth it to see everyone enjoying themselves,” explains ASB President Sega Moreno.

The rally was set up to have students participate and show off their school spirit.

“I really liked how they involved sports, I think it was the best rally so far.” exclaimed senior Claire Machado.

Many students and staff participated in activities including “name that tune,” and various games involving this season’s sports teams such as soccer, basketball, and wrestling. These activities were organized to recognize the campus’ winter sports for their achievements this season.

“I feel like the outcome of the rally was great, seeing everyone’s smile was great too,” said Senior Class President Matthew Hernandez.

“It was great, we had a lot of staff participation,” explains Mr. Pallesi. “Our goal as the student body is to make the culture on campus even better.” 

Overall, the winter rally was a big success that brought out the musical side of Selma High’s students and staff.