Remembering Traditions, Dancing to the Future

Adriana Rubio, Reporter

As Selma High’s campus is made up of a diverse Latino population, the Selma High Los Paisanos are performing in the upcoming “End of the Year Showcase” to highlight just one of the many regions. On February 29th, performers of the advanced Mexican dance class will showcase their 10-minute production that focuses on the rich culture of Oaxaca, a region in Mexico. The event provides an enlightening way to learn about Mexico’s diverse background through artistic expression and excitement. 

“We have been preparing for it for a couple of weeks now,” shares junior Noreen Diaz. 

Since the beginning of Selma High’s second semester, the performers have been developing their show every day, even as well as weekends. Whether it’s memorizing difficult choreography or practicing for long hours, the students passionate willingness to represent their talent is undeniable.

 “It really is such a wonderful experience as a dancer, and I enjoy learning more about the Folklorico community,” explains junior Ada Alarcon

The program’s intentions are also to invite those who strive to represent their traditions of Latin customs and hope to someday pass it down in the future.

“I hope those who are participating in Mexican Dance for their first year learn more about the program and the culture,” expresses sophomore Jordi Garcia, also in his first year. “I hope it passes down what Oaxaca really is to others and schools.”

Folklorico also provides a deep meaning to those who love to express themselves. It’s not only a hobby, but a reminder of one’s own cultural background, while providing appreciation for tradition.

“Personally, as a junior, Mexican Dance has been a big part of my life,” stated Alarcon. “It serves as an escape from everything else that’s happening in the world.”

Mexican Dance looks forward to the upcoming performance later this month and hopes to gain support from peers.