Bears March In San Francisco Women’s March


Femminist Forward Club gathers in San Francisco for rally before the march. Photo contributed by Bella Poras

Juliana Ramirez, Editorial Editor

The Selma High Feminist Forward Club took part in the San Fransico Women’s March on Saturday, January 18, 2020. This is the second year the club has taken part of this nation-wide event, and was able to attend the two part event consisting of a rally filled with guests speakers as well as the march itself.

The official event was scheduled to begin at 11a.m with the rally filled with a lineup of speakers ranging from disablilty and queer rights advocate, Laura Millar, Liuenant Govenor of California, Eleni Kounalakis, and the Co-founder and Executive Director of Immagrants Rising, Kathy Gin. The rally also included a performance by members of the original Broadway cast of “Hamilton.”

“The speakers had been so enlightening to me,” remarked first-year attendee Sarina Batth. “They were such strong and influential women in their fights against climate change and protection of indigenous women.”

Participants of the march all gathered together on the streets with a variety of personalities, races, ages, and genders at 1:30 p.m after the rally had concluded.

“Some key moments I had while at the march was seeing the diversity whether it was gender, ethnicity, or age,” said Lily Garcia about her second year attending the event. “It’s humbling to see people of many cultures to raise awareness.”

The experience broadened the awareness of shared values held by the students and those who marched alongside them.
“This was my first year and it was an amazing experience,” expressed Ubaldo Apolinar. “I didn’t realize how inclusive the women’s march really was. The special thing about it was that there were so many men who were there to show support which showed me there are others who shared the same beliefs I did.”

The crowd joined together holding signs with empowering quotes, phrases, and symbols that spread messages of the various causes supported by those who took part.

“One thing that really interested me was how there were so many people marching the streets with colorful signs standing up for change,” Batth stated. “It makes me glad to see such great progress for people.”

These signs included phrases meant to spark conversation and spread their ideas or beliefs to onlookers. Some of these signs read “make empathy great again” and “so you’d rather see two people holding guns than holding hands?”

Those who participated encourage others to partake in the march if they have the chance to.

“This is definitely something I’d encourage others to experience once in their lifetime,”Garcia encouraged. 

The Femminst Forward Club encourages students to join and participate in events such as the Femminist March to help spread social awareness of positive changes in the future and to educate yourselves about topics you’re passionate about.