Boys Baseball is Batting Up

Samantha Morales, Reporter

As the season is underway for the Selma High School boys varsity baseball team, they are already striving for high goals this year. They are planning to take the League championship title, and from there win Valley championships. The team has been practicing hard for the season to come in hopes to achieve these goals. So far, the team has not had a game for the season, only their first scrimmage on the 1st of February. While their first game will be on the 8th of February against Clovis East.

The team already has high expectations for what is to come, and how they want to achieve it.

“I want to start, and I want to contribute to the team, along with the success of it. I hope that we can do good, be more successful than we have been in the previous years, and come out with Valley championships,” stated junior Luke Tellez.

While some of the players have more individuals goals along with helping the team get to their main goal for the season, that being making it to Valley.

“Overall, for this season, I hope I get better in all three position I play. Hopefully we win league and get on top to win Valley, before I move on to baseball in college,” added senior Aaron Aguilar who plays pitch, second, and third base.

With such high achieving goals, it all comes down to the training at the practices and how they prepare for the year to come.

“The practices have been going good. We started to drill the team, and we’re expecting big things this year. We feel prepared. We should be able to be better than last year,” said junior Lee Esparaza.

Coach Hollett, who will be going on to his 20th year of coaching baseball, eighteen of those being in Selma, has expressed that teamwork will make the best outcome for the team, along with the team following their motto, FACE (Focus, Attitude, Coachability and Effort)

“We always want to have our players come together as a team. We want them to be the best teammates possible. If they stay focus on the things that they can control, have a good attitude, are coachable, and give their best effort. If we can accomplish that, we will have a great season,” said Coach Hollet.

The boys have made it clear that they do have what it takes when it comes to teamwork and showing that the team is much more than just a team.

“The things that I am most looking forward is to play this last year with my brothers (teammates) and having fun like always,” stated senior Eddie Avalos. 

Also added what he and the team want to accomplish this season.

“Some team goals [we] have are to win league, win rival games, and to make each other better,” said Avalos.

As the boys varsity baseball team continues on with their practices before their first game, they have high hopes and would like the support of the community when the season begins.