Girls’ Wrestling Hungry For State Title


Senior Melanie Mendoza pushes to take down her opponent. Photo contributed by Laura Herrera

Brandi Aguilera, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Season is in full effect for the Selma High’s girls wrestling team. They’ve got some good goals in mind which they are hungry to achieve. 

The Selma girls wrestling team is world renowned for producing winners, so the team is destined to do big things this season. 

This season in particular, the girls are striving to get their rankings as high as the boys’ wrestling team. 

“I can’t wait for the state tournament, as it is the only event where the boys’ and girls’ teams get to compete together ,” mentioned Coach Sam Lopez. 

“Every year we aim to attend the state meet and put as many wrestlers on the podium as we can.” 

The team has their mind set on attending the state finals and hopefully bring home yet another state title.

“My goal is to win a state title, and I’m going to work as hard as I can for that,” expressed senior Melanie Mendoza. 

Mendoza wrestles in the 123 weight class. She recently placed second at a Napa Tournament, which has given her a foundational idea as to how she will perform at the state finals.

With great coaching and team encouragement, each of the girls are working hard every day in practice to reach their goals.

“My teammates always push me to do my best no matter the condition I’m in,” stated senior Laura Herrera, who wrestles for the 152 weight class.

“At practice, we regularly pin each other – not to make each other feel bad, but to simply push each other to work harder.”

Coach Areyano encourages the girls to come into practice with their best effort and attitude. 

“Every practice, I want them to be a better wrestler than they were when they came into practice,” comments Coach Areyano. “They don’t need to worry about winning or losing as long as they work hard and give it all they got. Winning will come on its own.”

The girls consider Coach Areyano’s wise words of inspiration daily as they each individually aim for state titles. 

Senior Chrissy Wallace, who wrestles in the 150 weight class, feels her coach is an important factor in performing well.  

“Our coach never fails to push us to our full potential when we’re out on the mats,” expressed senior Chrissy Wallace. 

With great team chemistry, the girls are headed towards the right direction.

“I consider every girl on the team as a part of my family,” stated junior Arykah Cuevas.

Cuevas wrestles in the 237 weight class. 

As much as they share their passion to succeed, the girls also just want to have fun and share memories with each other. 

For some, it is their senior year and they want to make the most out of it.  

“I would definitely describe this season as memorable,” shared Melanie. “It’s my senior year and I think our team has formed a bond like no other.”

The girls wrestling team looks as though they are in good shape to reach their aspirations. They never rest, though, as they keep their eyes on the prize and their ambition to win. 

“Wrestling is all about your mindset,” asserted Arykah.

“It’s all up to you on whether you want to go into a match hungry to win or not.”