A Gift To Get To Their Heart

Sakshi Palav, Co-Editor in Chief/News Editor/Co-Sport's Editor

Valentine’s Day is a day in the calendar set aside to specifically adore and appreciate one’s significant other, or any meaningful relationship in general. As it is a day to celebrate them and their presence, buying the right sentimental gift is nerve-racking and often difficult. If that sounds like your situation, here are some ideas! 

  • A box of their favorite candies and snacks
  • A box filled with things of their favorite color, ex: a “sunshine box” filled with butterscotch candies, Funyuns, and peanut M&Ms
  • A cork board with photos of you and them sharing your favorite memories
  • A letter explaining why you love him/her
  • Flowers (guys appreciate them too)
  • A personalized blanket or pillow with your favorite photos together
  • Face masks and skin care products
  • And of course, the sappy box of chocolate and a stuffed animal

*All gifts are gender neutral