Bollywood Night Makes Its Debut

Isabella Porras, Reporter

This school year has definitely been filled with new activities and achievements, including the first annual Bollywood Night that was held on December 6th. Bollywood Night was an Indian inspired dance put together by a new club on campus, the Bhangra Club. The dance took about a month to plan. Junior Ashneet Gill, the president of the club, thought that despite the turnout the dance was a total success. 

“Since it was the first ever Bollywood Dance, we weren’t expecting a huge crowd,” expressed Gill. “The crowd we did get was amazing and it made for a fun night.”

The turn out didn’t stop anyone from having tons of fun. The event started at 7 pm and was set with everything from refreshments to dancing to colorful backdrops for photos. There was even a henna artist there to give the students henna tattoos. The SHS Dining Hall was filled with vibrant colors and cultural music. 

Selma High has put on events like this one such as Sihk Awareness Month and Hispanic Heritage Month that spotlight diversity on campus. Students value cultural events on campus because it gives students a new outlook.  This new event at Selma High School was a chance for our school community to come together to enjoy a night in a different environment.

“This dance impacted me because it gave me an idea on how others live their lives,” admitted sophomore Abi Baker. “It was interesting to see how different other cultures can be especially when it comes to traditions and celebrations.” 

Overall, all the students who attended the dance thoroughly enjoyed the time with the other attendees. Most people who attended hope that this dance becomes an annual tradition.

“I think it’s a good idea to make this dance an annual thing, because I feel it’s important for others to experience different cultures just like I did,” says Abi Baker. 

The Bhangra Club is new to the Selma High campus that focuses on learning more about the Punjabi culture and traditions like Indian dances. Gill hopes for more people to become involved in this club. Newcomers are welcome even if they themselves are not a part of the culture. It is a good opportunity to learn about other cultures. 

“I encourage people to join the Bhangra Club because it’s so much fun and you make so many friends while learning more about a vibrant culture,” expresses Gill.