Varsity Girls Basketball Shoots for Success

Number 21, Audrey Gonzalez, pushes past a defender towards the basket. Photo by Tori Valdez

Victoria Quintana, Kaleidoscope Editor

The SHS varsity girls basketball team is setting high goals for themselves as this season begins. They are aspiring to be Valley champions and hope to keep their three year streak of winning a league title. As the season comes to a start, the team is training hard to start strong during preseason. So far the team has won 3 games and lost 2, and took the win on December 2nd against Madera South with a close score of 50-49.

The team recognizes what they need to work on in order to improve.

“We need to work on knowing where to be for every play and being stronger with the ball,” team captain and senior Clarissa Moreno stated.

With Coach Romig’s detail-oriented coaching style, he strives to make the team the best version of itself.

“[I want] our players to be able to execute on a natural reaction to the circumstances in the game,” Romig explained. “[We have to have] the willingness to properly prepare,” he continued. “everyone wants to be successful on game day, [so] are you willing to prepare to invite that success.”

The girls not only realize what they need to work on, but also recognize their strengths as a team and individually.

“My best qualities are dribbling and driving to the basket,” said junior Audry Gonzalez who plays shooting guard. 

“I have a good sense of where the ball is going to go, and when passing, I have a good idea of where the people are going to go and where I should pass it,” added junior Navanni Rizo. 

Coach Romig says that the girl’s biggest strength is their versatility and adapting to each opponent’s style.

The girls maintain a strong bond on and off the court and all enjoy spending time together on their trips. Basketball brings them together, but also means something different to each of them.

“Basketball means everything to me, I’ve been in love with the game since I was a little girl,” expressed Gonzalez.

Naomi Vaca is a new addition to the team and plays post, which is the person on the court who tries to remain open in order to receive the ball and shoot. She is excited to play varsity alongside her teammates this year and is pumped for the upcoming season.

“Nobody plays harder,” Vaca stated confidently.

As the Lady Bears diligently practice, they hope their hard efforts will be rewarding.