Boys Basketball Aims to Succeed

Senior, Matt Hernandez, intensely focuses as he attempts to create a successful play.

Tori Valdez, News Editor

The varsity boys basketball team encountered the challenge of playing against Golden West High on the 21st of November and lost 71-30. Although this may seem like an unsatisfying result, the Bears hope to improve during their pre-season in order to be prepared for their future league games. 

“Our team this season is focusing on working harder on our defense in order to cause turnovers,” said sophomore Austin Aranda. “This is my second year on varsity. My individual focus is to put myself in a good position to help my team win more games than in our previous year.” 

The team has 13 players this year, with much talent and potential, promising a noble season.

“I feel confident in this year’s line up,” expressed senior Matt Hernandez. “It’s been a struggle since the beginning of the season because a lot of our players are continuing in football right now. During these last couple games, we’ve only had a seven man roster, but once they come out from their football season, we’ll have a better rotation.”

The students must also consider that some returning players have not gotten the chance to play on the court this season due to being on the field as part of the valley champions football team, who will be continuing onto state playoffs. 

Junior Aaron Blancas is one of the many who is a part of the championship football team, and he shares the conflict of wanting to succeed further in the football state playoffs, but also knows he’s missing the court action.

“I’m excited to play with everyone,” shared point guard Blancas. “All of us, who are playing football, are pretty eager and ready to play basketball. I think we have a good shot at winning valley.”

I think we have a good shot at winning valley.

— Aaron Blancas

Although the team, as of now, is experiencing difficulties due to not having a full line up, they remain hopeful for future success. 

“I want to leave next year’s players with a better mindset,” said shooting guard Hernandez. “I’m most excited about getting close with my teammates, but being a senior, I’ll miss putting on the Selma uniform and having people watch us play from the community.”

As Hernandez approaches his senior season of basketball, he admits that it will be missed once over. However, he wants to improve as a team and as a player to have the best season possible.

A new player on the team to look out for on the court would be Nic Esparza, as he represents the freshman class. 

“I’m so thankful for the opportunity and blessed that my hard work is showing,” said Esparza. “It’s most exciting to have the opportunity to play with this level of talent. The pressure and speed of the game is one of the main challenges for me, but it’s a huge blessing to put on for my city.”

The pressure and speed of the game is one of the main challenges for me, but it’s a huge blessing to put on for my city.

— Nic Esparza

The team hopes to see more of the community come and support them in their games. 

Coach Johnathan Vargas did not return email for comment.