Wrestling Team Starts Up with High Spirits

Selma placing in almost every match Photo contributed by Isaiah Hernandez

Gabriel Coronado, Reporter

The Selma High boys’ wrestling season is just starting and, depending on the effort put in by all of the wrestlers, Selma will be coming out as one of the top schools.

There are many tough competitors out there such as Buchanan, but that’s all the more reason for Selma’s wrestlers to put in the work. Despite last season’s placement and knowing that they are competing in Division 1, they must not let up and allow any overconfidence to take the place of their experience. 

“Going into the season a little overconfident,” said Coach Sam Lopez, but they must not let that dampen their abilities.

As the season is still merely beginning, all of the wrestlers are going to need some time before they are in peak condition, but once that happens, Selma will truly get going. 

Last year, Selma ended up ranking fourth overall nationally. It’s possible that everyone will overachieve once more and boost Selma’s overall ranking up a tad bit more. 

“We can probably move up as high as number two or with some help can be the number one team in state,” commented Coach Lopez.

There’s no doubt in the coach’s mind that the wrestling team won’t perform up to standard. “We’ve overachieved our rankings and kids wrestle better than they’re supposed to when we get to the state meet,” commented Coach Lopez.

Despite the season barely starting, many of the wrestlers are ready to go for the season and new comers are also excited for the opportunity to participate in the tournaments.

“I wanted to do something new, something really different,” said newcomer Yahir Venegas.

Wrestling has not only appealed to those that have competed in sports that have extreme physical contact since it has different that can draw others in. 

“Found family and friendship with the guys and fell in love with the sport,” said Isaiah Hernandez. He had stated that he originally joined to get ready for football but ended up enjoying the time that he spent in the team.

Others have just become involved with the sport since they were either drawn to it or they grew up in an environment that was focused on wrestling.

“I was pretty much put in to it by my dad because he wrestled and a lot of my family has wrestled,” commented Tristan Lujan. 

It may be that experience varies from person to person but that aside each one has shown a willingness to persevere. This attitude will be the one that will help the team perform on top of their game.