The Harmony of Family


Noelle Marroquin, Reporter

“Choir and music are my escape. It helps me relax and feel more connected to the world.”

These are the words of Choir student Oceana Cousins, a senior soprano in the Selma High Concert Choir. 

Oceana started her journey with Choir eight years ago because of her love for music as a child. When she learned that there were classes in middle school and high school that were dedicated to purely singing, she knew immediately that she wanted to be a part of them and befriend the students in there.

“I love being able to connect with other students that share the same passion as me,” Cousins expressed. “We are all so different but singing brings us together.”

Cousins joined her dynamic group at the Fresno State Choral Festival, where they performed a piece entitled “Steal Away.”

Performing is something that Cousins holds very near and dear to her heart as it’s a way to bring both joy and entertainment to the community, while also showing everyone what they’ve been working on. This within itself is the most rewarding part to Cousins.

Choir is not something that Cousins will simply forget about after high school, as she plans to take choir electives in college and continue to sing well into her future. The music she’s performed and the people associated have left a large impact on her and her life, and she hopes for others in the program after her feel the same way.

“[Just] give it a shot,” she explains to anyone who is looking to join choir in the future. “You never know if you like it until you try [and] there’s never a boring moment.”

Cousins hopes for the program to only continue and expand in the future, and hopefully grow enough to be able to implement new classes such as a male chorus.

Choir is much more than a group of dedicated performers, and to Cousins this makes all the difference.

“Choir overall is a safe and welcoming place to be,” Cousins expressed. “It’s fun to watch everyone communicate and act like a big family.”