Student Debate


Julianna Colado and Jashan Gill

Life Without the Internet…SCARY

By Julianna Colado

As we grow into our teenage and adult years, the internet becomes a bigger and bigger influence on us. From sending messages to applying to colleges, our social lives revolve around the internet in several ways. 

Many critics argue that the internet takes away from our individual growth and disrupts our ability to socially interact. However, without the source of the internet, our range of opportunities would be limited. 

The internet has become an outlet for knowledge and discovery. Modern day education systems rely on the internet to provide academic support. The majority of tests and exams take place on computers or Chromebooks that are provided at most schools. Some classes ONLY use computers for their assignments and work. Through the use of the internet, students are able to conduct research to gain knowledge on given topics for projects. Research is in our everyday education and would not be as sufficient or significant without the internet at hand. 

Students’ futures are determined through the use of technology. Growing into our young adult years, we are surrounded completely by the internet as applying for jobs and schools is accomplished through the web. Applying to colleges now takes place online and all students must have internet experience to do so. Our ability to grow and learn is strongly founded through the use of knowledge and learning. The internet provides us with a countless amount of resources to conduct any type of research needed. With no access to the internet, our opportunities to grow and build a future for ourselves would be restricted. 

Modernization consists primarily of the development of technology. The 21th century is full of the practice of technology. Simple everyday tasks are becoming easier or completely substituted for a different method using the internet. Ordinary things, like using a map, have been completely outweighed by the creation of platforms like Google Maps. The growth of modern day culture consists strongly of technological advancement including the internet. 

Social media has become a source of communication to modern day society throughout the world. Through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we are able to reach out to family members around the globe. Distance between relatives is quickly resolved through social media. One no longer has to worry about miscommunication due to global obstacles like distance. Through a simple text message, relationships are held connected and bonding remains existent no matter the distance. Without these social media platforms, family relations would be limited or full of boundaries. 

Not only does social media connect families, it also creates friendships. Social media is a base foundation for all people, no matter the boundaries, to interact. Life-long friendships can be born through a simple text message or like on a photo. Social media allows for people all around the world to connect as one. Common limits amongst people like distance and location are undermined when using the internet. 

No matter the arguments, the internet will always play a role in our lives as it is becoming more and more necessary for a successful future.


The Internet is Deteriorating Lives

By Jashan Gill 

The Internet has taken over lives and has become toxic to both the home and learning environment. Kids are constantly on their phones. They’re so concentrated on their phones, they become anti-social and this is a rising problem in today’s society. The Internet has destroyed kids’ healthy balance of interests and activities. It distracts them from doing things that can benefit them as an individual.  

Kids have been attached to their phones starting from a young age due to their parents buying their children an electronic device. The amount of time they spend on their device can be spent on playing outside. 

Parents aren’t really aware of the dangers a phone can do to their child. One main concern is mental health. Mental health is very important. When kids stay on their phones for a certain amount of time without knowing what’s going on around them, it can cause problems such as loneliness, depression, and anxiety. This occurs because they devote so much of their time looking at a screen. Playing outside and being surrounded by nature is a healthier alternative to being on your phone. One study shows that being around nature is beneficial to us humans because it shows an increase in people’s health and makes us feel happy. 

One major thing about the Internet that really hurts kids is cyberbullying. Around 80 percent of all high schoolers get bullied online. Cyberbullying increases the risk of suicide. About two years ago, a young girl had braces and she had been made fun of on all of her social media accounts. She would cry every single day. The bullying got so out of hand that she hung herself. Being constantly tormented causes a child to feel hopeless. They begin to think that they’re a “nobody” and that they’re worthless. When they start to think about these things, they immediately get the impression that they don’t belong in the world and turn to harmful “solutions.” 

When kids post pictures online, they usually care about how many likes they get as a sense of validation from others. Many teens care so much about this that they start to compare themselves to others. This causes their self-confidence and self-esteem to go down. They want to feel like they’re a part of a specific clique or be popular so they can fit in with others. 

As time goes on, technology is going to start expanding and lure kids into getting the newest device that comes out. This is going to cause kids to be drawn into the stereotypical belief that you cannot live without technology, when the exact opposite is true. Its negative effects are going to lead to bad habits of addiction when an alternative to replace technology is simply discovering what you love doing that makes you feel happy.